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How an Iontophoresis Machine Can Help Hand Sweating

Do you suffer from severe hand sweating? An iontophoresis machine can help! Read on to discover causes and available treatments.

Stuck with sweaty hands or feet?

Then you're not alone. The condition bugs millions of people around the nation every day. You probably know how sweaty hands can create awkward moments that strike at the most inopportune times.
The invention of the Iontophoresis machine aimed to help people in your situation. Using ionized currents of tap water, the machine helps to eliminate the sweaty moments that plague the lives of some unlucky souls.
What exactly the machine does isn't yet general public knowledge. But we're here to change that.
Here's everything you need to know about how the Iontophoresis machine works.

The Science

The Iontophoresis machine works using electrical currents and water. Sounds a bit like a Tesla fantasy, right? Well, it's real, and it's based on many decades of research into how Iontophoresis works. In sum, the different methods of medical treatment that fall under the Iontophoresis umbrella rely on harnessing the power of electricity to affect what goes on under our skin. There are plenty of different ways that this technology is used. They include loosening up muscles, impacting blood flow and other key components that help us move our bodies better. That's why physical therapy is also catching on to this kind of technology. For the sake of dry hands, this treatment works well. In sum, the machines use water and electricity to send ionized currents to your skin. That might sound kind of painful--don't worry, it's not. Instead, these machines use those currents to rid your skin of much of the water that--you guessed it--sweat is made of. By using these machines, you dehydrate your hands in a safe and useful way. But how exactly does each machine work? Keep reading.

How You Use It

The way you use your Iontophoresis machine doesn't require you to totally understand the technology behind it. You should just remember that it's legitimate science that you can always dig into in the future.
The machine you actually use is simple enough to operate. Generally speaking, they all work in a similar way.
Lay the box flat and add two cups of water to either side of the machine. Then, you plug in the cords to allow the currents to run through the water.
Place the sheets on top of the water, not pushing down too hard so that the water stays below. You want this part of the machine to float.
Then, place your hands on top of either sheet, without pushing down. You want to make contact with the sheets so that the electrical pulses can affect the water in your hands.
Although it depends on the machine, usually, you only need to spend a few minutes with it to see some results. Over time, with consistent use, you will start to feel less sweaty in some key moments.
Don't quite go buying an Iontophoresis machine--there are a few things you need to know first.

What to Know Before Using

Of course, serious medical concerns that exist apart from sweaty hands are a cause for pause. If you do have existing conditions, talk to a doctor before using these machines.
One addition that's specific for the use of these machines is if you have metallic implants somewhere in your body. That could mean anything from a metal leg to a silver tooth--we're talking about electric currents here, and metal is the most popular conductor.
Having a metallic implant won't necessarily stop you from using an Iontophoresis machine, but it could. Talk to a professional about it before putting your hands on those electrically-charged currents.
It's also important to remember that this process takes time. If you can extend your attention span a little bit, you'll see the results you want.
And, before we forget, you need to know how much you'll be paying for the machine.

The Cost of Iontophoresis Machines

The price of an iontophoresis varies. It can go from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.
Compare that price to getting the same treatment at a medical office. If you seek out treatment on a regular basis--which is necessary to avoid sweaty hands--then you'll quickly accrue costs that dwarf what you pay one time for a machine.
It's just another reason that getting a machine is a great option for millions of people around the world, right now.

A Growing Medical Consensus

While the technology behind these machines has existed for decades, publicity has been a step behind. That's starting to change.
In recent years, medical professionals have started to catch up. Different reviews have honestly looked at the side effects, benefits and downsides of using an Iontophoresis machine.
If you have serious medical issues, you shouldn't start using these machines without some professional guidance. Plus, there's a risk for everyone involved that your hands could become too dry (sounds far-fetched right now, but trust us, it's possible).
On the whole, the medical reality is that these machines really can affect, for the better, the sweatiness of your hands. They're not miracle machines--a one-time use won't make your hands perfectly dry for the rest of your life. It's important to keep in mind that everyone's body will respond differently to different treatments.
But, there's a real possibility you can trust in. You truly do have the opportunity to make your sweaty hand issue dissolve. Plus, you can try in a totally safe setting with no health consequences.
Why not give it a chance?

Consider an Iontophoresis Machine

Being slick is great on dates, at work, and in general day-to-day life. But the same can't be said for hands.
An Iontophoresis machine can bring dryness to your hands and a calmness to your head. No more worrying about that sticky hand sweat.
While the machine isn't the perfect fix for everyone, there's a good chance you can benefit greatly from using it. What are you waiting for? Go for it!
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