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2-Year Dermadry Case Study: Regina

By Sam Nardi 2021 Apr 12th
Dermadry Team

Regina's Hyperhidrosis Profile

Regina has suffered from hyperhidrosis since she was a child. She suffers from severe hyperhidrosis on my hands, moderate hyperhidrosis on her feet, and mild hyperhidrosis in her underarms. Her hands are what always bothered her the most as the sweating was really excessive, while her feet and underarms generally only sweat excessively in the warmer months.

Regina’s excessive sweating made her a very reserved person because she was scared of physical social contact with people. The stigma associated with excessive sweating often held her back and made her avoid social situations completely.

In late 2018, Regina was the first person to reach out to us asking to try out our device and document her Dermadry experience! Watch her first video to hear her first impressions, and view a demo and unboxing of Dermadry’s iontophoresis machine. In the video, you will see a close-up of Regina’s hands showing the severity of her hyperhidrosis.

Over the past couple of years Regina has documented her Dermadry journey on her YouTube channel. We have kept in contact with her and even spoke to her to stay up to date on her treatment journey and how Dermadry has helped her regain her freedom and confidence. Watch and read through what Dermadry had to say about Dermadry, two years on!

Regina’s Dermadry Unboxing, Demo, & First Impressions

Judging by the title, you probably know what this video is about, but it is about hyperhidrosis, aka excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis is essentially excessive sweating, it's a common disorder, which produces a lot of unhappiness. Facts. It’s estimated that two to 3% of Americans suffer from sweating of underarms, palms, or soles of feet.

For me, I get it mostly in my hands. It was something that I've had my whole entire life that I didn't even really know was a problem. One of the first times I remember noticing that I had maybe a problem or something was when I was in the first grade, we were all holding hands and like singing songs and my two partners on each hand kept on letting go and wiping their hands and complaining that my hands were so sweaty.

And I was like, “oh, my bad, my hands are always like this, what are you talking about?” And when I say sweaty palms, I don't mean clammy cold. Like, I'm lucky if they're clammy. No joke. When I say my hands sweat, my hands are literally dripping. I am not joking. I'm going to assume that a lot of people, that the majority of the people that are watching this video are people that suffer with this as well. So one, thank you so much for watching. I hope this works for you. Two, you're not alone. And three, comment below and tell me some of your hand sweating or just sweating stories.

It is definitely subconscious, but when you think about it, it gets even worse. So, for example, like when I'm just at work or something or doing something that I normally do, and I'm like not thinking it's totally fine, but the moment I think about it, game over. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. Going to job interviews are just the worst thing in the world, like shaking someone's hand is an actual nightmare. Getting your nails done, some people fear public speaking. I'd rather give a televised speech in front of 20,000 people and risk becoming a meme than get my nails done. I apologize to the nail technician. They tell me it's okay but then they start speaking in a different language, and I know they're talking about me because they're laughing. Something as simple as holding someone's hand, can't do it, a high five, ooh. And then it sucks though, because people think I'm rude because like I'm not out here, you know, shaking hands and stuff, and I'd love to shake your hand, but it's just so unpleasant.

A lot of people are understanding and they're like, “Oh, it's okay. I don't mind” (besides from the nail technicians). But, you know, they'll say, “Oh, it's fine. It doesn't bother me”, but it bothers me. Anyway, I could go on forever, but this is not a storytime video about my sweaty hands, this is about a cure. Most of the doctors that I talk to, they just kind of like shoot me off, cause I guess they don't understand the severity of my case. I found this company called Dermadry, they use iontophoresis, and it's the technique of introducing ionic. medicinal compounds into the body, through the skin, by applying a local electric current.

That did scare me, however, Dermadry is approved. I'm in Canada, this is a Canadian company. Of course they ship internationally, but it is approved by Health Canada. So it is safe and it's easy to use. Buy one just for your armpits, you can buy one just for your hands and feet, or you could buy one for all three. I was given the one for all three, so I'm going to try.

You get the underarm electrodes, so these little things. You have, of course, the adapter, the underarm pockets, so you soak it in water, and then the controller. Everything comes in this case. It's actually cool because you take it apart and it serves as the tray that everything goes in.

Oh, and of course the hand and foot electrodes. So for your hands,It could either go from one to 15 MAs one to 25mA for your feet and one to eight mA for your underarms. So mAs are essentially a way of measuring currents.

When you get out, it pauses for two minutes, which isn't too bad. Yeah, it's pretty easy. I'll show you my armpits. As for my feet, it's basically this but for my feet. The highest range of mAs that it goes for are one through 25 and now I'm on four, and then I think I will go up to six next week.

My hands still sweat here and there, but it doesn't bother me as much as it did before, because they're not profusely sweating. So I’m excited to see what the next following weeks have in store for me, as well as once I up the mAs. Here and there, you feel a little jolt and whatnot, but it's just the current it's changing.

See little things like that, you do get jolts, the currents are changing, also I've been taking my hands out a lot, so it's probably not ideal. In conclusion, my hands are a little cold just because they've been sitting in water for 20 minutes. What I've noticed half of the treatments they do, they get pretty dry, like usually.

The odd time, they'll get a little sweaty, but I keep it on the lowest setting and it still does a pretty good job. So if you can handle the higher currents, then I say, go a bit higher, but of course, please start off with the lower mAs and once you're comfortable go up higher.

For my feet, I don’t notice any current change, so I’ll go higher. For my armpits, I don't struggle with armpit sweat that much. So I'll still stay in the early. One, two, maybe three stages. And for my hands, I'm trying to up it, but the current changes bothered me a lot. I didn't notice them when I was watching TV and doing it so I think my best piece of advice is to be as distracted as possible, and then it doesn't bother you. But like when you're just sitting and like looking at it, It kind of notifies you when it's about to change and you're just kinda like waiting for it, I think that's what gets me the most.

I personally think my case is pretty severe. So it says it could possibly take up to six weeks. However, maybe it's not as severe as I think, and it could be in about a week or two. So we'll see. I'll keep you guys posted.

Regina’s 3-Month Dermadry Update

I used this product early December, and it says it takes about two weeks for the average person to see positive results. My hyperhidrosis, in my opinion, is pretty intense. Therefore, it could take up to six weeks for severe cases. In about three weeks, I noticed positive results, so around Christmas time, I realized that I wasn't doing it as much, and I thought, “Oh, you know, I'm just so busy and lazy because of the holidays.” But, no, that wasn't the case, my hands were actually for the most part healed.

After that January, everything was going good, I'm living my best life, sweat-free. I know having dry hands is definitely looked down upon, but I'm pretty sure you guys can all agree dry hands are dry hands, so I couldn't care less. But, then here's where I ran into a problem, because my hands were so dry, I was getting some little cuts on my hands, and when you use the machine, you're not supposed to have any cuts because they'll stain in. First small and vast linking can cover them, it's fine. Mine weren't too big, and I tried putting Vaseline on it, but it just stung way too much, so I had to wait until my cuts healed, which brought me into, like, the end of January, early February-ish - moisturizer is key - so I'm waiting for my hands to heal, I'm using this time to kind of investigate and see what's causing my excessive sweating, so I just wanted to see, maybe there is something that I’m eating, drinking, everything. So, I decided to use this to kind of investigate and eliminate things.

Because I waited so long, I personally feel as though my hands went back to its original state, and I essentially have to start from scratch.

And think of it as like Botox, because Botox is one of the solutions to hyperhidrosis. I mean, I don't think the Botox is completely permanent, you probably do have to maintain it, so this is definitely a lot cheaper than Botox, and it works just as effectively, but, like Botox, you have to continue to maintain it. Like, think of laser hair removal, it takes about a year to fully see the results. Of course, you'll notice it on the way, but to fully eliminate it, it takes like six or eight sessions, and then, every few months you have to do the maintenance.

Once your hands start sweating again, go up at least 1 or 2mA, whatever you are comfortable with.

Another thing is, don't rush, it's going to be a process. I've noticed in the past, when I try to up the currents, like the mAs, it was just really uncomfortable. Just go in at your own pace, it's not worth rushing, it's really, truly not worth rushing. So, start off slow, can't stress it enough, start off slow. When the currents change, it is a bit of like, it's just… oh, I hate the feeling! It's a bit of a shock, like, in my last video, you see me react truthfully to it, but it's okay, it is safe, just read the instructions.

It's not completely permanent. That's fine, because at the end of the day, as much as we hate sweating, it is natural, and when you do something like unnatural to the body, sometimes your body reacts in a negative way, and that is called compensatory sweating. And somebody did ask me if I get that, no, I do not.

ETS is the surgical procedure where they cut part of your nerves, because, yes, this is nerve-related, your hands, feet, and armpits won't sweat, but you get compensatory sweating, which means you start sweating in other places to make up for sweat not going to your hands, feet, and underarms. Your back, maybe your chest, maybe your face, or your legs, like it'll go to somewhere else. It's kind of, like, ‘pick your poison’, and I'm pretty sure it's irreversible. I don't think they can reattach your nerves. If you know somebody that's done it, or if you've done it, please, comment below, and let us know, but that's something I don't really recommend.

Botox, I don't know how long it lasts, and it's definitely really expensive. For Botox in your face, you have to continue getting it done. If you do it, you do it, but please do a research.

If you guys want me to do a full, in-depth video, maybe speak to a specialist, give this video a like and comment below, ‘cause I'll definitely get into that and look and tell that for you guys.

Helpful Tips

Obviously, I understand that some of you can't afford this device right now, so while you're saving up for it, or waiting for it as a gift, these are some tips that I've learned, and keep in mind that I mostly suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis, and then, secondary, my feet, and lastly would be my armpits. Because I wear deodorant, the armpits don't even bother me that much.

So, the things that I’ve noticed, whenever my hands sweat, if I put on socks, they dry up immediately. Your body sweats to cool itself down. When you're overheating, putting on socks maybe helped control my body temperature and calm it down.

For those of you who suffer from hyperhidrosis, mainly in your feet, I know what you're saying. I've watched a few people's videos, and they said that they have to wear multiple pairs of socks, and they soak through socks, so, like I said, this is what works for me, and I'm not trying to offend you because I definitely know that putting on socks is not necessarily going to work for you.

Another thing I noticed is drinking a lot of water, and I know water is the answer to everything, which, I mean, it makes sense, but it's also annoying to hear. I do remember back, when I was in high school, there was a period of time when I always had a water bottle on me, and I noticed that my hands were always dry, and it was amazing. Yeah, I'm definitely not drinking as much water as I should be.

Drinking a water bottle isn't going to cool you down instantly. I mean, keeping yourself hydrated regularly, so that's one thing you should definitely look into. It's all a matter of cooling your body down, so that will definitely help cool your body down. If it doesn't work also, I'm sorry, but this is just for some people that haven't tried it.

Drinking caffeine - I've noticed that, whenever I had coffee or tea, my hands would start sweating, but then it's kind of tricky, because it happens at home, but then, I'll be out in public, and I'll have coffee, and I'll be fine. So, maybe the caffeine didn't affect me because:

1) I was in a common environment.

2) I had socks on.

I have no idea, but whenever I'm at home and I drink coffee, or maybe it’s the coffee I'm drinking, I still don't know, but I've noticed that coffee and tea tend to make my hands sweat. Another thing I've noticed is my hands and feet sweat the most in the morning. One thing I've kind of associated that with is, I have really stressful mornings, I have to take care of a child that does not listen to me, so it's very frustrating. It's just a guaranteed struggle, and that definitely makes my hands sweat, I guess. And, of course, anxiety, and nervousness, and whatnot. If your warnings are to yourself and easygoing, then you should be fine. I can't guarantee that that's going to happen with you, maybe it'll be perfectly fine for you, but, yeah.

So, I had a job interview today, and so I worked an event, I shook everyone's hand, it was great. I have a job interview, so, let's see how that works. I haven't got my Nelson yet, but I will definitely keep you posted. “No, you're not alone.” I feel like that helps. When I read that in the comments it was amazing, because it's good to see that it's relatable. I wish you all the best, comment below, and subscribe to stay tuned, and I'll talk to you guys later.

Regina’s 1-Year Update: In Conversation with Dermadry

Read our full interview with Regina here!

Dermadry; How has hyperhidrosis affected your life?

Regina: I noticed I had hyperhidrosis when I was a child. It made me a very reserved person because I was scared of making physical social contact with people. There’s a stigma attached to sweating, and so it often held me back and made me avoid social situations completely. I would try and avoid situations where I might have to shake someone’s hand or give them a high five. I had to anticipate when these moments could happen and it just really stressed me out.

Dermadry: What is your hyperhidrosis profile (what zones do you sweat from and what is your level: mild, moderate or severe)? Also, would you mind sharing your treatment schedule with us?

Regina: I have severe hyperhidrosis on my hands and moderate hyperhidrosis on my feet and underarms. My hands are what always bothered me the most as the sweating was really excessive, while my feet and underarms generally only sweat excessively in the warmer months.

When I first received my iontophoresis device, I was using it 4-5x per week, because my hands were severely sweaty. Now during the maintenance phase, I use it maybe a couple of times per month, sometimes not at all. My hands are completely dry now and I only do a top-up treatment once in a while.

Dermadry: How did you first hear of iontophoresis as a treatment option for excessive sweating? Were you skeptical to try it out?

Regina: I was very skeptical. I am not one to really read instructions on things, but as I was a little nervous about trying it out, I read the entire instruction manual to make sure I understood everything. I even reached out to someone who had tried your product and made a video review to make sure that it really worked. The idea was just a bit scary, and the thought of putting your hands in water to treat excessive sweating seemed a bit strange if I’m being honest! But I am so glad I decided to try it!

You were the first person to reach out to us and ask to do a review of our product! How did you first hear about Dermadry? Tell us your first impressions!

Honestly, I really needed help. Just thinking about my sweating would make it worse, and it was making my life so difficult, as I was at a stage in my life where I was traveling a lot and meeting new people.

I searched for devices that could treat my hyperhidrosis and that’s how I came across Dermadry and decided to reach out via Instagram because I really wanted to try the product and review it.

My first impressions were that you guys really believed in and stood by your product and you answered all of my questions really quickly and I even spoke with a member of your team on the phone because I had a lot of questions. You mentioned that the founder of Dermadry also suffered from hyperhidrosis, so It was comforting knowing that the person who started the company completely understood what I was going through.

Dermadry: How has Dermadry changed your life?

Regina: Dermadry has really changed my life for the better.I’m more outgoing, and willing to shake everybody’s hands and no longer afraid of social situations.

I started a new job since starting my Dermadry treatments and I’m just excited to shake everyone’s hand as I’m no longer embarrassed about my sweaty hands.

My sister who has obviously known me my whole life even came up to me and commented on how dry my hands were. That’s when I knew that Dermadry had really helped me. Sometimes, it’s the little things that just make you feel really grateful.

Dermadry: Anything to add about your Dermadry experience?

Regina: Yes! I really wanted to highlight the amazing hyperhidrosis community I’ve met and discovered because of the video I made about my hyperhidrosis experience and Dermadry, which now has over 100k views! I still get comments and messages every day thanking me for sharing my story and talking about hyperhidrosis. So many people are ashamed about this condition so it’s nice to see that I was able to help some people, and help people open up about their condition! I am very happy I found Dermadry, it has truly changed my life, and it feels great that I was able to make a difference in people’s lives with my video.

Regina’s 2-Year Dermadry Update

My very first Dermadry video that I made about two years ago, it's probably one of my most successful YouTube videos of all time, which is so funny cause it's me talking about sweat. I was just somebody who was struggling, I found this device and of course made a video about it. I was not expecting it to reach so many people and I wasn't expecting so many people to relate to everything that I was going through. Hopefully in this video, I will answer a few frequently asked questions.

And second of all, a lot of you are probably thinking, Regina, why are you making a video about sweat? One, it is fall, almost winter here and two, I mean, we're in the midst of a pandemic, we can't even hug people, let alone shake hands. So, in theory, this is a great time to have hyperhidrosis, and it just gets me thinking how bad is this condition that a pandemic is actually a good thing for us, but, at the end of the day, it's hopefully going to end soon and we have to be ready for when we are able to shake people's hands. And I feel like this is the best time to kind of prepare for that. Also, I feel like it's a form of self care.

Yes, excessive sweating is something we're used to, but I think that we should feel good for ourselves even if we're not shaking hands with people. There could be a few of you that have found love in this pandemic. Can't relate, but I still want to help you. Last time I spoke to you guys, I was experiencing positive results to the point where my hands were becoming way too dry.

Then I developed little cuts on my hands. And you can't use this device when you have cuts on your hands, because with all the minerals going in and like the electrical current, it stings, like if anybody's worked in a restaurant or if you like to cook, it feels like when you're cutting a lemon or lime or just something acidic and it burns. That's what it feels like. So I had to stop using it and in the time that I spent not using it, I was experiencing sweating here and there.

If you take away anything from this video, it’s that Dermadry does work, but you do have to maintain your results or, of course, you're going to start sweating again. So I'll say that here to save you all the time, because I know some people aren't patient. I started using it on and off my sweating reduced to the point where I wasn't really anymore. To be completely transparent. I wasn't keeping up with maintenance because whenever I did sweat, it wasn't that bad. And then here we are in good old 2020. I stopped using it because what was the point?

But like I said, we need to, we need to get back on track. So, I think in late August, I blew off the dust and picked this back up, and I started using it. I had a trip that I needed to go on and this is pretty travel-friendly, but I knew that I was going to have the time to sit and do this, so I didn't bother bringing it.

And then when I came back, I had to do a few health tests and I wasn't able to use this product while I was undergoing those tests. So that delayed me, and here we are mid-November. So from what I've read and what I've been told, if you've already used Dermadry, it takes a shorter amount of time to see results.

Unfortunately, and here I am being transparent. It wasn't the case for me. I would never lie for the sake of a sponsorship. So everything I say is true, I feel as though it was probably because I haven't used the product in so long, I was essentially starting from scratch. So don't get too comfortable because at some point you're going to have to start from scratch. It all depends on how severe it is for you. There's level one, two, and three. So mild hyperhidrosis, moderate hyperhidrosis, and severe hyperhidrosis. For level one, you do about one treatment every two to three weeks at the highest comfortable current level. And then level two, which is moderate, you do about one treatment per week at the highest comfortable current level. Level three, which is severe hyperhidrosis, you do up to three treatments per week at the highest comfortable current level. So at first I was only doing, and that's why it takes a long. So I'm just trying to do trial and error and I want to be able to give you guys the best information about this product.. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you are, you are a friend, you are family to me, there's no competition. At first, I was only doing one treatment per week because I was under the impression that it was moderate.

But then of course, once you start focusing on something, you notice it more. So, then I realized my hands were sweating a lot more. And I do remember in the beginning, some of the side effects are you will sweat more as your body's, I guess don't quote me on this, but trying to regulate itself. So then that's what happened to me.

So I was only doing one treatment per week, and then I noticed that my sweating was getting worse or I was just more aware of my hands sweating and I'll try to insert some clips.

I began doing up to two treatments per week and it was getting better. Of course some days were better than others. And I did say this in my results video, I would be fine throughout the day, but I really struggled with waking up. Whenever I would wake up, my hands would be sweating the most, like in bed. And this is something that I experienced this time around as well. I, then I was like, oh, well, I guess it is severe. So I started doing up to three treatments per week and at the highest comfortable level. And that is when I started seeing results. So yeah, I guess I really do have a severe, at least palmar hyperhidrosis actually.

I'll break this down just because it is important. So for your hands, it starts from one to 15 MAs. Your feet, one to 25 and your underarms are up to eight. When I last used the device, I was up to seven. And then when I started using it again, I went down to six, just because seven was a little too painful for me.

You just feel a bit of a tingly feeling and sometimes it stings. So if you're feeling bad, I'd say go down. I went back to six and now I think I finally went up to eight, but if you can handle it, then you could probably see results faster than me. I just personally can't do more than eight at this point. My feet, they can only handle about 12. It's still only half for me. So everyone's different. And my underarms, I can do no more than two till this day. But I'll be completely honest, I didn't really use it that much for my underarms because I don't really struggle with underarm sweat that much. If you’re able to handle higher, then your results will be even better than mine. So right now, my hands have been great throughout the day. I experienced a bit of sweating in the morning. I don't know why, it is what it is. Yesterday. I woke up,my hands were sweating right away, but later on in the morning, they were sweating

I've mentioned this before, but a good hack to stopping your hands from sweating is putting on socks. Don't get me wrong, there's times where it doesn't work, especially when you're out in public. But if you're just home, I've noticed that putting on socks just stops it right away. Today, I woke up in a bit of a sweat because of course at the end of the day, sweat is normal.

My body was sweating, but my hands were not, from what I can remember. And then as I was going on about my day, getting ready to set up for this video, my hands were perfectly fine. They're fine now, just so we know, just to make that clear. But I noticed they started heating up when I drank my coffee and of course caffeine does trigger it, but I wasn’t experiencing the dripping or whatever. They were just getting a little clammy. And then as I started moving around and had my socks on, and actually now, as I say that they're like starting to heat up, but I had my socks on and everything was fine. Of course not everybody's going to be able to get this right away, so I do want to give you guys hacks. I recommend wearing your socks and just eliminating caffeine, or just reducing your caffeine intake. Big surprise here, drinking a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water does help regulate your body temperature in the days that you wake up sweaty. And my best piece of advice is just get up shower and you're good to go.

There we go. That's another excuse to get out of bed, especially for a lot of us we're working from home, but in conclusion, I definitely recommend this product. I think it has worked wonders for me. I just need to remember to stay on a better schedule, but we're all human. It’s just helped me with dealing with the situation. Like I said, even when I do sweat, it doesn't bother me as much because it's not as much as it used to. Honestly just knowing that I'm not alone has helped my confidence and whatnot, but it does work. You just need to make sure you're staying on top of things and not overdoing things.

You're probably going to set your current at a very high rate, and I don't recommend doing that. I think you should kind of ease into it. Once your hands get dry (and this happened to me and this actually happened to somebody that reached out to me), your hands will get very dry and I know that's something that we want, but then they're going to crack and you're not going to be able to use this. It stings. And it even says in the manual not to use it when it does that. You don't realize how many little cuts you have on your hands until you use Dermadry. Just go into it, make sure you're staying moisturized. I know it's hard because we have to wash your hands.

Thank you Dermadry.Thank you for helping us all out. It's truly been a lifesaver.

Regina’s Dermadry FAQ

I'm going to answer some frequently asked questions.

So the first and foremost is, does it work?

Yes, it works, but it's not permanent. That's really what I want to emphasize. Of course getting the ETS surgery is permanent, but at the end of the day, there are a lot of side effects with that and it can lead to compensatory sweating, which, if your hands are, if your hands and feet and underarms aren't sweating other parts of your body or are going to start sweating.

Do you still use Dermadry?

I am now. I always used it,I just didn't use it every week because it just wasn't necessary for me. But now I need to, after all this time lost in 2020, I need to really get back on track.

How long does it take to see results?

You'll notice results as you go along. Of course in the beginning, you will sweat a bit more than usual, which is very frustrating, but I think within a month you'll notice results. I can't say if it's going to completely go away, but you'll notice a decrease in the sweating and that all depends on how your body is and how high of a current level you use and can handle. For some people, it goes away completely, others, it takes a bit of time. And for me, honestly, it took a bit of time.

How much does it cost?

Of course you can go on their website and see, because we all have different currencies. If you follow them on social media and sort of just check their website regularly, you'll notice that they do have some giveaways, so I definitely recommend keeping up with Dermadry. 

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