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Dermadry® BLOG

Dermadry Partners with TSC

By Sam Nardi / 2022 May 3rd
Dermadry Team

Dermadry is excited to announce its collaboration with one of Canada's most innovative and diversified retailers, TSC. As of today, Dermadry’s range of iontophoresis machines, including the Dermadry Total, Dermadry Hands & Feet, and Dermadry Underarms is now available for purchase on TSC’s website.

About TSC

TSC incorporates entertainment, inspiration, personalities and industry leaders to provide a unique shopping experience, where customers find exceptional selections in Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Home/Lifestyle, Fashion/Accessories, and Electronics. 

Dermadry is Now Available on TSC

As a proudly Canadian company, we are delighted to collaborate with TSC to provide better access to iontophoresis treatment for Canadians suffering from hyperhidrosis. Dermadry’s iontophoresis machines for excessive sweating are now available for purchase on

This news reinforces our mission of raising awareness of hyperhidrosis, a medical condition also known as excessive sweating, that affects approximately 1 in 20 people worldwide. Dermadry’s tap water iontophoresis device is an effective, non-invasive, and needle-free way to treat the condition. We strive to sensitize the public about the availability of effective, affordable, and safe treatment to improve the lives of those living with hyperhidrosis worldwide.

Dermadry’s iontophoresis machines are the first and only to be licensed by Health Canada. Discover our range of anti-sweat devices at and below.