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Dermadry® Blog

Dear Santa 2020

By Sam Nardi / Dec 08, 20
Dermadry Team

Dermadry's second annual innovative storytelling competition Dear Santa is coming to town! The leader in iontophoresis technology is bringing holiday cheer with their festive giveaway in time for the holidays.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is preventing countless around the world from meeting Santa in person, but Dermadry has the solution! Dermadry is continuing its mission of raising awareness of hyperhidrosis, by offering a festive opportunity to those affected by hyperhidrosis to have their holiday wish come true! 

Dermadry is asking those suffering from excessive sweating to write a letter to Santa, explaining why they want a Dermadry for Christmas. Santa Dermadry and his helpers will carefully read through all the letters, pick their favourite, and send them a Dermadry iontophoresis machine in time for the holidays! This lighthearted experience with a festive figure will bring holiday cheer to those near and far, following what has been a very challenging year for many. 

“We are proud to support those who are affected by hyperhidrosis. In a time of such uncertainty and continuous challenges, Dear Santa will bring us all together in a safe way. We look forward to personally connecting with each and everyone of you. We hope Dermadry’s Dear Santa will bring some holiday cheer to those suffering from excessive sweating worldwide.” stated Mathieu Mireault, Co-Founder and Medical Science Liaison.

The winner’s Dermadry device will be shipped prior to their holiday shipping cutoff date, so that they can unwrap the gift of dryness this Christmas!

While Santa is unable to join us this year, Santa Dermadry and his helpers are working hard to ensure he knows who wants a Dermadry for the holidays!

How to enter the Dear Santa Holiday Giveaway:

  • Send a letter to “Santa” telling him why you want a Dermadry for Christmas, and you could win a Dermadry Total (valued at $499 US, or a full refund on your device if you already own one)!
  • In your letter, you can talk about your hyperhidrosis story, why you want to try Dermadry, how it can help you achieve your sweat-free new year’s resolution, etc! There are no guidelines nor word limits—just let your creativity guide you!
  • Submissions close Monday December 14th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Santa and his Dermadry helpers will be reading through all the letters and picking their favourite, so be sure to add your own unique twist to make your letter stand out from the rest! 

Click here to submit your entry!

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