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How to Hide Underarm Sweat Stains

By Sam Nardi / 2019 Mar 19th
Dermadry Team

Happy first day of spring! The start of spring signifies warmer weather and lighter clothing, both in terms of bulkiness and color range. If you suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, then the start of spring doesn’t necessarily bring joy but rather marks the start of the season of excessive sweating and sweat stains.

Excessive sweating of the underarms

Sweat stains under your arms can signify that you suffer from underarm hyperhidrosis. Whether it’s a little bit of unwanted dampness or hugely noticeable sweat marks, it can have you planning your whole wardrobe around it and can take its toll on your daily activities. Read our checklist below and see how many you are currently doing or have done in the past in an effort to disguise your sweat stains from those around you:

  • Wear black (or dark colored) clothing to hide sweat stains.
  • Avoid light and pastel colors so your sweat stains don’t show.
  • Carry at least one change of clothing with you no matter where you go.
  • Try to wipe off excessive sweat by making constant ‘secretive’ trips to the bathroom to dab the sweat away.
  • Wear absorbent pads, liners, shields or tissues on your underarms in the effort of preventing sweat from staining your clothes.
  • Wear bulky, knitted, loose-fitting or layered clothes to conceal hide stains.
  • Choose patterns over solid colors in an effort to camouflage sweat stains.
  • Wearing a jacket or cardigan over your outfit to hide the layer underneath it in case sweat is showing.

We’re all guilty of employing these tactics, especially as a precaution before major events or presentations. In fact, a WikiHow article titled “How to Hide Sweat Stains” with similar tips & tricks as above, has been viewed over 112,000 times! It can be a bit of a sensitive topic to discuss with others as there is a stigma associated to sweating, so most try to deal with the issue in private, which leads many to not to recognize that their issue is actually a medical condition, for which highly effective treatment is available. If you’ve nodded your head along while going through the list, it’s time to rethink your “strategy” and do something about your excessive sweating!

Hyperhidrosis and social situations

While you might not have been aware that excessive sweating is a recognized medical condition, you’ve most likely tried every over-the-counter antiperspirant available in the hopes of finding some relief. You’ve probably even tried the whole “clinical strength” range of antiperspirants as a last resort before seeking a prescription-strength antiperspirant. However, while these may be effective for those with mild cases of excessive sweating, they do not offer long-lasting dryness for those suffering from more moderate-to-severe cases of hyperhidrosis.

You may have developed tendencies that effectively conceal sweat stains, but it requires thought, effort, and time on your part. It’s a major inconvenience, and I think we can all agree that there are enough things to worry about on the daily without having to think of placing toilet paper under your armpits. So, what can be done about it?

A highly effective way to treat excessive sweating is through iontophoresis, which is a clinically proven way to combat excessive sweating. Dermadry’s home-use device is simple to set up and can provide up to 6 weeks of dryness at the end of the initial treatment phase. Best of all, it only requires sporadic touch-up sessions, in contrast to many treatment options that require daily to weekly application.

Iontophoresis is highly effective for treating excessive sweating

Celebrate the start of Spring by wearing your favorite pastel colored t-shirts! Warmer weather does not have to be a scary thing—head into the new season with confidence by treating your excessive underarm sweating and start wearing the clothes you want! Watch below to see how easy it is to use Dermadry!