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Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2020

By Sam Nardi 2020 Nov 20th
Dermadry Team

Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 2020

This November, Dermadry celebrates Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month, an initiative launched by the International Hyperhidrosis Society. Dermadry has launched innovative initiatives designed to create awareness about this condition and support the individuals who are affected by hyperhidrosis worldwide.


Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that affects approximately 5% of the population, yet only 1 in 4 individuals affected by hyperhidrosis are ever diagnosed, due to a lack of awareness as well as shame and embarrassment. Hyperhidrosis results in extreme, uncontrollable sweating in different areas of the body, most commonly the hands, feet, and underarms. Those affected are at a higher risk of also suffering from anxiety and depression, stemming from the condition. Studies have shown that it’s negative impact on quality of life is greater than other skin conditions more commonly spoken about, such as severe acne and psoriasis.

Hyperhidrosis compels individuals to develop complicated, time-consuming, and expensive treatment routines. Many are constantly trying to disguise their condition through various methods of varying efficiency—all in an attempt to try to live a “normal” and comfortable life. “This month is a great opportunity to raise awareness and help support individuals who are suffering in silence.” stated Mathieu Mireault, Dermadry Co-Founder and Medical Science Liaison.

Those who follow Dermadry on their social platforms and are subscribed to their email newsletter during the month of November will have access to exclusive contests, giveaways, and content. Dermadry will be sharing useful hyperhidrosis “life hacks” and their insider access to tips and tricks directly from medical professionals. “The activities planned over the next month will illustrate the importance of wide-scale education of hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can be isolating, but it does not have to be. Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month will help people with hyperhidrosis find additional support and resources, and encourage them to break their silence and share their stories. The goal is to break the taboo surrounding sweat so that this condition can be taken seriously and given the proper research and treatment development it deserves.” added Mathieu Mireault.

Dermadry's Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month Initiatives

Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month, organized by the non-profit International Hyperhidrosis Society provides educational resources to all those suffering from hyperhidrosis, and those wanting to educate themselves on the condition. Dermadry has partnered with the organization to send over 550 informational kits on hyperhidrosis to the most active medical practices across the United States. Dermadry shares a mutual goal with the organisation to spread awareness of hyperhidrosis, so that it can be understood, recognized, and properly treated.

Dermadry wants all to know that there is no shame in speaking up about the condition and seeking treatment. Let’s spread the word about hyperhidrosis and iontophoresis treatment together.

Here’s a look at some of Dermadry’s Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month initiatives:

  • Live Q&A with Dr. Hope Mitchell - get your questions ready, as she will be present to answer any questions you may have in real-time! RSVP to our FREE event, which will take place on Monday November 23rd at 12:00 PM EST.
  • Collaboration with the International Hyperhidrosis Society to send out 550 hyperhidrosis toolkits to medical professionals across the USA.
  • Dermadry Segments: Interviews with medical professionals Dr. Hope Mitchell, MD, Dr. Ramin Fathi, MD, Dr Amy Shah, MD to shed light on hyperhidrosis and treatment on their blog.
  • Guest on Samantha Cutler’s The Fit Fatale podcast, to raise awareness on the link between hyperhidrosis and wellbeing.
  • Promotion of the Voices of Hyperhidrosis awareness campaign, dedicated to giving a voice to those suffering from hyperhidrosis in silence
  • Collaboration with hyperhidrosis blogger Maria Thomas of My Life as a Puddle.
  • Collaboration with our local MP, Deputy of Hochelaga, Soraya Martinez Ferrada to raise awareness of hyperhidrosis awareness month in Montreal, and beyond!

To learn more and for additional exclusive content follow Dermadry on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

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