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What is Iontophoresis?

By Sam Nardi 2019 Oct 16th
Dermadry Team

What is iontophoresis?

  • Tap water iontophoresis is a non-invasive, drug-free, and needle-free way to treat hyperhidrosis.

What is Dermadry?

  • Dermadry is a home-use iontophoresis machine that treats excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the hands, feet, and underarms.

How much does iontophoresis cost?

  • Home-use iontophoresis devices can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Dermadry is the most affordable iontophoresis machine that treats all 3 zones most affected by hyperhidrosis: the hands, feet, and underarms.

How long does iontophoresis take to work?

  • The amount of time it takes to see results from iontophoresis treatment varies by person. Most people see a sweat reduction after 1-2 weeks of treatment. For mild cases, it can take just one treatment to see results, and for the most severe cases of hyperhidrosis, it can take several weeks. Always stick to your treatment schedule and do not stop treatment if you feel discouraged. For some, it just takes longer to see results.

What is iontophoresis used for?

  • Tap water iontophoresis treatment is used to treat hyperhidrosis, a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating.

Does iontophoresis work for underarms?

  • Iontophoresis is very effective for underarm treatment. Dermadry is an effective way to significantly reduce underarm sweating and get rid of and prevent underarm sweat stains.

How successful is iontophoresis?

  • Success rates in clinical studies performed on analyzing the efficiency of iontophoresis treatment for hyperhidrosis generally range between 90%-100% of people treated.

How is iontophoresis done?

  • Iontophoresis is generally done with a portable home-use device. This device is plugged into an energy source, and the ionized current is delivered to the skin using tap water as a conductor.

Is iontophoresis covered by insurance?

  • In some countries, hyperhidrosis is considered a debilitating medical condition, which can make iontophoresis treatment eligible to be covered by insurance. Check with your healthcare provider or insurance provider to know more.

Do you need a prescription for iontophoresis?

  • No, the majority of countries do not require a prescription for iontophoresis. Tap water iontophoresis machines like Dermadry can be imported for personal use in most countries. In certain countries, including the United States, a prescription is required.

What medication is used with iontophoresis?

  • Tap-water iontophoresis (for the treatment of hyperhidrosis) only requires the use of tap water, no drugs or medications need to be added to the water. Always follow the guidelines, as laid out in the manual of your device.

Does iontophoresis really work?

  • Iontophoresis is one of the safest, most efficient and cost-effective treatment options for hyperhidrosis. It is non-invasive, drug-free, and needle-free. Clinical study success rates range between 90-100% of patients treated.

How often should iontophoresis be done?

  • The frequency of iontophoresis treatments depends on the patient’s level of hyperhidrosis (mild, moderate or severe). There are 2 phases to iontophoresis treatment: the initial phase and maintenance phase. Check your product’s instruction manual and guidelines for more information.

How does tap water iontophoresis work?

  • Iontophoresis works by directing a mild current through the skin, effectively neutralizing the connection between the nerves and the sweat glands. In nearly all cases, this effectively treats excessive sweating!

How does iontophoresis stop sweating?

  • The most common theory is that it blocks sympathetic nerve transmission, meaning it neutralizes the signal between the nerve and sweat glands, which reduces or completely inhibits sweat production in the treated area.

How quickly does iontophoresis work?

  • Iontophoresis can take as little as a couple of treatments to work. Most people see desired results after 2 weeks of treatment. For more severe cases it can take several weeks.

How do you use an iontophoresis device?

  • A home-use iontophoresis device requires access to electricity (wall outlet or battery) and tap water. Setup is done within a couple of minutes. Watch some tutorial videos here: hands, feet, underarms.

What are the benefits of iontophoresis?

  • Some benefits of iontophoresis are that it is a non-invasive, needle-free, drug-free treatment option. It is all-natural and only requires the use of tap water, which eliminates the need for aluminum-containing antiperspirants. It is safe and effective and has only minor limited side effects in comparison to other treatments for hyperhidrosis.

Is iontophoresis safe?

  • Iontophoresis has been used to treat hyperhidrosis for over 75 years. It is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat hyperhidrosis. It is often prescribed to hyperhidrosis patients who have had no luck with regular antiperspirants. It is a non-invasive, drug-free, and needle-free treatment option.

Can iontophoresis stop working?

  • The effects of iontophoresis treatment may diminish after time, which is why a maintenance schedule must be followed to upkeep results.

What does iontophoresis feel like?

  • A slight tingling sensation may be felt during iontophoresis treatment. The level of sensation depends on the patient’s skin sensitivity. Generally, as more iontophoresis treatments are performed, the patient gets used to the feeling and can tolerate higher current levels.

How do you treat hyperhidrosis?

  • There are a range of treatment options for hyperhidrosis, including antiperspirants (creams, sticks, roll-ons, wipes, etc.), tap water iontophoresis, prescription medications, botulinum toxin injections, and risky ETS surgery.

Can hyperhidrosis be dangerous?

  • Primary hyperhidrosis can have negative effects on quality of life but is not dangerous nor life-threatening. If you believe your excessive sweating is related to another underlying condition, it is best to check with your doctor in order to determine the cause.

Is iontophoresis for everyone?

  • Iontophoresis treatment is suitable for most people. Some contraindications include metal implants, cardiac pacemakers, and heart problems. A full list of contraindications can be viewed here. If you are unsure, speak to a medical professional.

What are the side effects of iontophoresis?

  • Iontophoresis is associated with minor limited side effects such as skin tingling, irritation, and redness. View a list of potential side effects here.

Can iontophoresis make sweating worse?

  • When a patient begins iontophoresis treatment, they may notice increased sweating in the treated zone, which is a temporary side effect that will subside after a few treatments. It is a common side effect and nothing to be concerned about.

Are homemade iontophoresis machines safe?

  • Homemade DIY iontophoresis machines run an increased risk of side effects. There is no way to control the current level and output and there are no safety measures in homemade iontophoresis devices. Iontophoresis devices, such as Dermadry, undergo vigorous testing and are equipped with many safety parameters to ensure user safety and efficient treatment.

What is the best iontophoresis device?

  • Dermadry is the most affordable home-use device that treats hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet, and underarms. The device was designed with simplicity, safety, and efficiency in mind and uses pulsed current so patients can get dry faster and more comfortably.

What areas can be treated with iontophoresis?

  • The hands, feet, and underarms are most generally treated by hyperhidrosis. Many studies have demonstrated the efficiency of iontophoresis treatment in these 3 zones. Some devices offer additional attachments, but other areas are best treated in a clinical setting by a medical professional.

Can hyperhidrosis be cured permanently?

  • There is no cure for hyperhidrosis. Fortunately, tap water iontophoresis is a safe and effective way to treat hyperhidrosis and significantly reduce sweating.

Can hyperhidrosis go away?

  • There is no cure for hyperhidrosis, but with proper treatment such as maintaining an iontophoresis treatment schedule, its effects can be significantly reduced.

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