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My Hyperhidrosis Story: Maka's Experience

By Sam Nardi / 2019 Sep 25th
Dermadry Team

We reached out to some members of the Dermadry community and asked them about their hyperhidrosis story and their Dermadry journey. Below is Sara's hyperhidrosis story!

Meet Maka!

We were inspired by her openness to discuss her severe hyperhidrosis on her YouTube channel, so we reached out to her in late 2018 to have her test out Dermadry. We recently spoke to her on the phone to hear what she had to say about Dermadry now!

How has hyperhidrosis affected your life?

I’ve had hyperhidrosis since I was a baby. My mother told me that she was able to see the sweat on my hands even then. For example, when my mom would give me something to hold, sweat would start dripping down it.

When we had a folk dance lesson at school, I asked my teacher if it was ok to just watch and not participate because I was embarrassed about my sweaty hands, and was worried about what people around me would think. My teacher told me “don’t worry, you are going to be okay” because she didn’t understand and assumed I was nervous about participating in general. I have never met anyone else who has hyperhidrosis, so it’s hard for those around me to understand how I feel.

Because of my hyperhidrosis, I felt like I couldn’t communicate with people normally and I was always asking myself “why me?”. I just felt like I couldn’t get involved with activities and people, even if I wanted to.

What is your hyperhidrosis profile (what zones do you sweat from and what is your level: mild, moderate or severe)? Also, would you mind sharing your treatment schedule with us?

I have severe hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet, and underarms. My hyperhidrosis is so severe that it took about 2 months for my sweat to be significantly reduced. Once I reached my desired level of dryness, I now do maintenance 1 treatment every 1-2 weeks in the winter, and 2-3 treatments a week in summer.

How did you first hear of iontophoresis as a treatment option for excessive sweating? Were you skeptical to try it out?

I was not skeptical, nor did I have a negative perception of iontophoresis. When I performed my first treatment, I felt a bit of tingling and itchiness, but I was not worried about it. When I was younger, my mother understood my condition and she let me try iontophoresis early on. I’ve tried several types of machines over the years before finding Dermadry.

Dermadry seems to be very popular in Japan, can you tell us why you think our device is so popular there? Do you think there is a cultural difference in the way people perceive sweat?

I’ve lived in both America and Japan, and have noticed a difference in attitude about sweating in general between both places. In my experience, while I was living in the United States, people generally seemed a little more open and carefree, and no one really seemed to mind my sweaty hands too much when I gave high fives or handshakes. In Japan, the image of sweat is "unclean", therefore I feel like people here are a lot more embarrassed about talking about hyperhidrosis. They are very self-conscious and are constantly worrying about what others think about them. They don’t want to show their weak points and they hesitate to open up. Of course, this is just my personal experience based on spending time in both countries.

How has Dermadry changed your life?

My life is stress-free now; it’s just easier in every imaginable way. For example, I don’t have to worry about getting the paper wet when I’m reading or studying and I can wear any sandals I want in the summer. I used to sweat a lot in my underarms even in the winter, but the sweat and the stress are just gone now!