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Managing Hyperhidrosis When Exercising

By Sam Nardi / 2020 Sep 9th
Dermadry Team

Written by Anna Ella Crosby
Exclusive for

Exercising is a great way to relieve stress and keep busy amidst these stressful times we've found ourselves in. While sweating is an inevitable by-product of any exercise routine, those who suffer from hyperhidrosis may find themselves a bit worried about how their condition may impact their workout.

As mentioned in our post on Tips for a Sweat-Free Summer, making lifestyle changes and relying on the right products can help you minimize the effects of hyperhidrosis. The same holds true for managing your condition while exercising: working out keeps our bodies active and minds sharp, and it's a good habit to incorporate into your daily routine.

How does excessive sweating affect my workout?

Is it bad to be sweating excessively whenever you work out? After all, sweat is how your body cools itself down during a workout. Dr. Anthony Balduzzi even emphasises that sweating during a workout shouldn't be something to worry about; in fact, some research suggests that fitter people may find themselves sweating more during a workout as their bodies become more used to regulating their internal temperatures. The biggest problem that can come about with excess sweating is dehydration during a workout, but as long as you're staying hydrated this shouldn't happen to you.

Curbing the effects of hyperhidrosis while working out

The current health crisis means you should be staying home as much as possible, but excessive sweating can be a huge hindrance for those who want to work out in public. Indeed, the toll it takes on people's mental health can make exercise seem like a burden, or perhaps even something to avoid entirely.

Living with hyperhidrosis means choosing your workout clothes carefully, and this point rings especially true when it comes to working out. Splurging on extra accessories like Headsweats' Coolmax hat can help keep sweat away from your face and ensure that it's not just your clothes doing all the heavy lifting. It also goes without saying that even though you might be wearing moisture wicking pieces throughout the day, you should be starting your workout with a fresh set of clothes.

You should also remember to take care of your skin even after a workout. Sweat strips your skin of any moisturiser and skincare you’ve put. People who suffer from excessive sweating should veer away from heavier creams that might make you feel more constricted: Pretty Me’s review of AR Vitamin E cream notes that it effectively hydrates skin while still maintaining a lightweight application. While sweat can keep the skin moisturised, a good lotion can give your skin an added boost of vitamins and minerals.

Making exercise part of your daily routine will inevitably require long-term solutions to manage your hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis helps treat this condition while guaranteeing long-lasting results (up to six weeks), making it something to consider for people who want to live an active lifestyle. Dermadry's iontophoresis devices are therefore worth the investment; just make sure you talk to your physician beforehand to clear up any concerns you might have about the treatment.