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My Hyperhidrosis Story: Regina's Experience

By Sam Nardi 2019 Dec 9th
Dermadry Team

We reached out to some members of the Dermadry community and asked them about their hyperhidrosis story and their Dermadry journey. Below is Regina's hyperhidrosis story!

Meet Regina!

Regina was the first person to reach out to us on social media to test out our product! She documented her Dermadry journey on her YouTube channel, which has now received over 125,000 views (scroll to the end to watch). We recently spoke to her on the phone to hear how Dermadry has helped her in the past year!

How has hyperhidrosis affected your life?

I noticed I had hyperhidrosis when I was a child. It made me a very reserved person because I was scared of making physical social contact with people. There’s a stigma attached to sweating, and so it often held me back and made me avoid social situations completely. I would try and avoid situations where I might have to shake someone’s hand or give them a high five. I had to anticipate when these moments could happen and it just really stressed me out.

What is your hyperhidrosis profile (what zones do you sweat from and what is your level: mild, moderate or severe)? Also, would you mind sharing your treatment schedule with us?

I have severe hyperhidrosis on my hands and moderate hyperhidrosis on my feet and underarms. My hands are what always bothered me the most as the sweating was really excessive, while my feet and underarms generally only sweat excessively in the warmer months.

When I first received my iontophoresis device, I was using it 4-5x per week, because my hands were severely sweaty. Now during the maintenance phase, I use it maybe a couple of times per month, sometimes not at all. My hands are completely dry now and I only do a top-up treatment once in a while.

How did you first hear of iontophoresis as a treatment option for excessive sweating? Were you skeptical to try it out?

I was very skeptical. I am not one to really read instructions on things, but as I was a little nervous about trying it out, I read the entire instruction manual to make sure I understood everything. I even reached out to someone who had tried your product and made a video review to make sure that it really worked. The idea was just a bit scary, and the thought of putting your hands in water to treat excessive sweating seemed a bit strange if I’m being honest! But I am so glad I decided to try it!

You were the first person to reach out to us and ask to do a review of our product! How did you first hear about Dermadry? Tell us your first impressions!

Honestly, I really needed help. Just thinking about my sweating would make it worse, and it was making my life so difficult, as I was at a stage in my life where I was traveling a lot and meeting new people.

I searched for devices that could treat my hyperhidrosis and that’s how I came across Dermadry and decided to reach out to via Instagram because I really wanted to try the product and review it.


My first impressions were that you guys really believed in and stood by your product and you answered all of my questions really quickly and I even spoke with a member of your team on the phone because I had a lot of questions. You mentioned that the founder of Dermadry also suffered from hyperhidrosis, so It was comforting knowing that the person who started the company completely understood what I was going through.

How has Dermadry changed your life?

Dermadry has really changed my life for the better.I’m more outgoing, and willing to shake everybody’s hands and no longer afraid of social situations.

I started a new job since starting my Dermadry treatments and I’m just excited to shake everyone’s hand as I’m no longer embarrassed about my sweaty hands.

My sister who has obviously known me my whole life even came up to me and commented on how dry my hands were. That’s when I knew that Dermadry had really helped me. Sometimes, it’s the little things that just make you feel really grateful.

Anything to add about your Dermadry experience?

Yes! I really wanted to highlight the amazing hyperhidrosis community I’ve met and discovered because of the video I made about my hyperhidrosis experience and Dermadry, which now has over 100k views! I still get comments and messages every day thanking me for sharing my story and talking about hyperhidrosis. So many people are ashamed about this condition so it’s nice to see that I was able to help some people, and help people open up about their condition! I am very happy I found Dermadry, it has truly changed my life, and it feels great that I was able to make a difference in people’s lives with my video.

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