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Dermadry® BLOG

How long does it take to see results with Dermadry?

By Sam Nardi / 2021 Sep 13th
Dermadry Team

How long will it take before I see results with Dermadry?

Iontophoresis is an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet, and underarms. If you’re new to Dermadry and the world of iontophoresis, then you may be wondering how long it will take you to achieve the results you’re seeking.

Iontophoresis is split into two treatment phases: the initial phase and the maintenance phase.

Initial Treatment Phase

The initial phase is the first phase of treatment that is done until the user attains their desired level of dryness. During the initial phase, the treatment will be performed up to 5x a week at the highest comfortable setting for up to 6 weeks. Most people achieve their desired results within 2 weeks!

Maintenance Treatment Phase

Once the patient has attained their desired level of dryness in the initial phase, they will then go on to the maintenance phase. A maintenance schedule must be maintained to upkeep results. The frequency can be as little as once every few weeks, depending on the severity of the hyperhidrosis.

The speed at which you will attain your desired dryness varies, but most people attain it within the 2-week mark of the initial phase. Once you’ve reached this desired level of dryness, you move on to the maintenance phase to keep up with your results. This can be done as little as once every few weeks, depending on your level of hyperhidrosis: mild, moderate or severe. In order to assess your level of hyperhidrosis, we’ve laid out a guide in our instruction manual included with your device to help you get an idea of your level.

Remember that everyone is different, everyone’s skin is different, and many factors can affect how quickly you get results with  Dermadry. It can take some people just one treatment to see results, while some can take up to 6 weeks in the most severe cases. The important thing is to push through and keep going and not get discouraged if you don’t reach your desired results right away. We promise the wait and dryness are worth it!

Getting Started with Dermadry

Once you're ready to begin treatment, it's important that you create a treatment schedule that is compatible with your lifestyle. We recommend starting with 5 treatments a week at the highest comfortable setting. We suggest you find the time and day that works best for you—whether you're an early bird or a night owl doesn't matter as Dermadry can be used anytime, anywhere!

Our device has a 98.3% success rate, but how quickly you see results can depend on your level of hyperhidrosis (mild, moderate, or severe) and your skin. Here is a chart demonstrating the average treatment times before our customers reported noticeable results.

As you can see, most people see results after...

  • 1 Week (25%)
  • 2 Weeks (45%)
  • 3 Weeks (20%)
  • 4 Weeks (7%)
  • Other (3%)

Before starting your treatment, make sure you read our instruction manual, which outlines the recommended treatment times depending on your level of hyperhidrosis. It's easy to read and includes everything you need to know! If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.

Note: Please remember that before seeing a reduction in sweating, you may see a slight increase right after beginning treatment. This is completely normal, and something most people experience, so don't worry—the increased sweating will subside and a drier you will reveal itself in no time.

Two-Week Dermadry Treatment Journey

We reached out to Kendra who has publicly spoken about her experience with axillary hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating of the underarms and she chronicled her two-week journey with Dermadry’s anti-sweat device in a 4-part video series.

Watch her videos below as she takes us on her journey through the initial phase of her treatment, from unboxing and first impressions, to her 2-week final results update!

Dermadry First Impressions & Unboxing

Let's get into today's video. As you read by the title, in this video, you're going to see me unboxing a product that might be a game changer. So I've been battling this thing called hyperhidrosis, which is basically excessive sweating. And the most common areas are either the hands, the feet or the underarms. For me, it's the underarms.

This is something I've been battling since like my early teens, if not even earlier. And at first I thought that this was something normal that everyone goes through, you know, everyone sweats. But I did not know that you're not supposed to sweat this much on a regular daily basis. I've tried different armpit pads, one that goes onto your clothes and the one that goes up directly on your skin. They worked to an extent, but it was definitely a temporary fix. And by temporary, I mean like a couple of hours. After trying these solutions that didn't really work long-term for me, I talked to my doctor and he said, well, there's not really that much of a cure for it. You can get Botox. I'm not a big fan of needles. So Botox was a no, for me, a doctor also tried to prescribe me different deodorants. I've tried changing up my deodorant probably about 50 plus times now. Nothing was working until I found this device that could possibly change the whole hyperhidrosis game forever and it's called Dermadry

Check out this video. This is where I am unboxing it. My first impression of Dermadry when I was unboxing it, I was actually really impressed. One, I loved the carry case that it came with. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to buy a new product and not have proper storage for it.

Another thing that I noticed is that the instructions that come in the Dermadry package is actually a full-blown book. And I don't know about you guys, but to me that says that the company is serious about their product, they take pride in their work, and they really make sure that you have all the information you need in that book.

Not to mention having the instructions in this type of format will lessen the chances of them ever getting damaged or destroyed. You know, with just plain paper, it can get destroyed by water or anything. So I was really impressed by how the instructions came. It came with all the parts that you would need if you sweat from your hands, your feet, or your underarms. I am really excited to try out this product. If this product works for me it will lift so much stress off my shoulders. I'll be able to wear all the clothing I want to wear. I've ruined so many cute tops. I can't wear long sleeves. I can't wear short sleeves. I can barely wear these sleeves.

Dermadry Device Setup & First Treatment

Today I'm going to be trying out Dermadry Total, which is a device that is used to treat hyperhidrosis. Common areas for hyperhidrosis include your underarms, your hands, and your feet. But my problem area is under my arms. So I will be using the underarm pads. If and when you use this device, make sure you read through the instructions first so that you know exactly how to use it and so you don't cause any harm to yourself.

So the only additional thing that you'll need to use this device is tap water. As I set this up, I decided to make sure I have everything else in place first, before I plug it in. And I think in the book it actually says to do that as well. Now to start the treatment, as soon as you've plugged it in, it turns on and I believe it's called settings mode. So that's where you get to choose which area of your body that you were treating.

And once you select that, you can select the level. And the level that I am using right now to start off with is two, which is for moderate hyperhidrosis in your underarms. After you select the level, hold down the power button for three seconds, and then it'll go into treatment mode.

As far as how it feels, it actually doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would, because I have anxiety around anything that can cause me pain or discomfort, of any sort. So I was actually really nervous that it was going to hurt, but honestly, it's nothing that will make you jump or jolt or anything like that.

If you take one of your earrings and just, and just poke your skin, like really fast in like one main area, that's literally what it feels like. It's just a little bit of tingling. And at first I couldn't decide if it was uncomfortable or if it was tickling, it's not bad at all.

I love that it actually has its own timer on the device itself. So as you see in the top right corner, it says 11, I have 11 minutes left and each treatment, well, for the underarms, the treatment lasts for 15 minutes.

What I noticed after taking the pads out, my underarms feel like I just used a little bit of Icy Hot. I'm recording this voice over about two hours after the treatments. And I can tell you that I don't have any redness or skin irritations. I know some people reported that they had some redness or like it was itchy or like some type of blister or something like that after their treatment but I didn't really have anything like that at all.

All I did was put a little bit of shea butter underneath, I wasn’t even expecting to see any results until at least like the first week is up but I haven't sweat since I used this. So I'll keep you guys updated.

1 Week Dermadry Treatment Update & Results

Today I wanted to give you guys a bit of an overview after one week of using Dermadry.

Now, if you are unaware, I have been trying Dermadry for the past week now, and it's something to help out with excessive sweating, or in other words, hyperhidrosis. Now the main area that I struggle with is my underarms. And I did record little video clips in between treatments. And just to give you a bit of an update after my first, second, and third treatment for the first week, I tried the every other day method. So you could either do it Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, which is three times a week, or you can do it five times a week, which you would do Monday to Friday. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

So I just wanted to give you a quick update. I just did my second treatment for the Dermadry Total for my underarm excessive sweating and I just wanted to report to you guys that I still don't have like redness or blisters or anything like that, but it is like a little itchy, but I didn't apply my shea butter just yet so maybe it'll change. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update.

Hey guys. So I am on. My third treatment and I just finished the treatment and I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of an update. So I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but me changing the levels, it didn't really feel that much different. I can feel that the currents were a little stronger, but it's not even like, I wouldn't even count it as a whole new level, maybe like a half a level. Want to show you what happens this time around, because this didn't happen the first two treatments. So excuse my armpits, I do have to shave soon and I have dealt with eczema so my skin is a little darker under there. But I want to show you guys something. So these weren't here before the treatment, before the level three treatment, it was itchy for a moment, but I just threw on some shea butter and it literally makes the itch go away instantly.

So as long as you don't mind, like these little bumps, then you are good. Also, I wanted to mention the mark right there, like along the edge of my armpit. That's not from the treatment, that is from my eczema. Like I mentioned, the darker spots are not from the treatment, they're just scars from eczema, from being bad and scratching when I really shouldn't have been, but shea butter is helping with fading them.

So for the first week I wanted to try the three days because I am not really sure what my level of excessive sweating is. It goes from mild, moderate, or severe. And I couldn't really decide between moderate and severe because some days it's not as much as I think. And they go by the measurements of how big the sweat stain is.

So if it's however many centimetres. So my first two treatments, I did level two and I did Monday and Wednesday. And then on my third treatment, which would be the Friday I tried to up the level to level three, and it wasn't really that big of a difference, but I do explain that a little bit in the snippet that I took. The day in between the first two treatments I did sweat, but not significantly more. In the Dermadry book it does say that you might sweat more before you start to sweat less. And I didn't really have that experience, it just wasn't really something different. Like, I didn't, I wouldn't say I sweat more, but I did still sweat on the day that I didn't do my treatments.

For my second week of treatment. I'm going to try the five days. So I'm going to be doing it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I'm going to try doing it first thing in the morning so that it kind of sets me up for the rest of the day, because something that I noticed is right after the treatment, I haven't sweat for like 15 hours after doing the treatment. So I think that if I do it before I start any of my daily activities, then I'll be good for the majority of the day and I won't sweat.

So for example, I did my very first treatment, I did it in the evening around like five o'clock and I didn't sweat again until almost like five o'clock, 5:00 PM, the next day. And they do recommend that you start at the highest level just to see, just to test your tolerance. For me, I'm a big baby, especially when it comes to anything that could possibly cause any type of pain at all.

So I started at level two because of my anxiety around it, and then I was like, you know what, for the third one I'll do level three. And it really wasn't that big of a difference. I would recommend just picking up a book or something for the time of your treatment and it goes by just like that, but stay tuned, make sure you are subscribed and have your bell notifications on so that, you know, each and every time that I upload, I will be posting a, another video where I do like the full week of like the full week, doing a treatment everyday for 15 minutes. That's how long the underarm treatment is. And I'll be doing a review on my second week's progress. I really want to keep you guys in the loop. I don't want to just try it for a month and then come back and say something. I want to take you guys on the journey with me.

Dermadry 2 Week Treatment Update & Final Results

My name is Kendra, so I've been trying Dermadry for the past two weeks. And so I wanted to give you guys a little bit of an update. As far as results go, I am very happy with my results in the second week, I didn’t sweat all week and it has taken away a lot of my anxiety.

Now, normally when I'm wearing long sleeve sweaters, I am constantly checking, wondering if I'm sweating, how much am I going to sweat? And all of that gross stuff. I found myself surprised that I wasn't sweating this one particular sweater that I put to the test is one that, there is no doubt that I will sweat.

And I was pleasantly surprised when I had gotten all my errands done without sweating, and I didn't even have to bring paper towel or any type of tissue or anything. I was really putting this Dermadry device to the test. Not only did it take away a lot of my anxiety when it came to sweating, but it also helped my skin condition that I have, which is called eczema. It happened a lot in my underarms because of the excess moisture. So normally I would stuff my armpits with paper towel, if the sweat mixed with any type of deodorant that I would be using, it's just sitting there and the paper towel just up against my skin. So that would trigger a lot of breakouts with my eczema.

And so my armpits would look super gross. I'm sure you guys have noticed in one of my previous videos, when I actually showed you guys. By the way, if you are someone who suffers with hyperhidrosis in your hands, your feet, or your underarms, and you want to try this device, check out the description below, because I have a link down there that'll take you straight to the page where you can purchase directly from the Dermadry site.

Two things that I found different comparing the first week and the second week of treatments is less breakout. So if you guys watch my previous video from my one week review, I report that I had some bumps forming in my underarms.

And they weren't something that are a serious pain or anything like that. But in week two of trying this, these treatments. I didn't get any more bumps in the bumps from before had actually nearly completely disappeared by now. So that's something that's different. And then I also noticed my second week of doing the treatments, because I did it five days in a row, Monday through Friday, the treatments started to get a little itchy during the treatment. It's something that didn't happen in the first week of doing these treatments, but it's not something that's unbearable. If you pick up a book or you're watching your favorite show, or you're listening to music, something to take your mind off of it.

Something to keep in mind when trying this device is that everyone's body reacts to it differently and so your results might not be as fast as mine, or you might get faster results than I did, but give your body a chance to adjust. If you don't see immediate results, say after like the first or second treatment that's okay.

Give it at least a full month also, I would recommend starting at the highest level because you up your chances of seeing results a lot faster, which is something that I regret not doing. And for the last part of this video, I'm going to show you guys what I do after the treatment.

So what I do after the treatment is that I slowly take the blue pockets from under my arms. And I unplugged the device just, just as a safety precaution, you know. Then after I take the pockets off of the electrodes, which are the little square metal pieces that you see here, I just give the electrodes a quick wipe down with the white towels that come with the Derma drag kit. Now these are normally used for hyperhidrosis in your hands and feet. Then I take the blue under our pockets and just rinse them with warm water. Don't use any soap at all. Just warm water, just rinse it out and then squeeze it out as much as you can. Okay. Place them somewhere that you can easily get them to air-dry. Do not put them away while they're wet. For me, I use the hanger method. So basically I just put them on the end of a hanger.

Dermadry Customer Reviews

We’ve helped thousands of people from all over the world achieve the dryness they deserve to succeed in everyday life. Read more of our Dermadry customer reviews and testimonials and check out our full playlist of customer reviews in various languages in our playlist below!