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Dermadry® BLOG

Q&A with Dermadry’s Industrial Designer

By Sam Nardi 2022 Oct 18th
Dermadry Team

Dermadry offers a range of iontophoresis devices to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the hands, feet, and underarms. Our reimagined device range offers a seamless, comfortable, and effortless treatment experience suited for the millions of people affected by hyperhidrosis globally.

We sat down with Noémie, Dermadry’s industrial designer and integral part of our research & development team to learn more and get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Dermadry. Some of Dermadry’s upgraded features include silicone electrodes, perforated silicone mats, and a redesigned compact case. While our device has upgraded features and the electrodes have a longer life expectancy, the parameters and the mechanism of action of the treatment remain the same!

Read our interview below to learn more about Dermadry’s design and development process and discover how she brought her vision for Dermadry to life! 

Interview with Dermadry’s Industrial Designer

Tell us about your inspirations for Dermadry’s design!

We know that performing a tap water iontophoresis treatment can be intimidating at first, but it’s a very efficient treatment with little to no pain, so it’s really worth it. We wanted to provide a simplified and serene user experience as they deserve to be able to treat their hyperhidrosis with an elegant and comfortable device.

Destigmatizing hyperhidrosis is our core value and we were determined to make a device that would look more fun, inviting, and appealing rather than technical, utilitarian, and complicated. This is a device that you can use for years, and we think it should be pleasing to use every time!

Can you walk us through your process?

  1. The first step of the design process was research and analysis to determine the main objectives and key criteria of the product. We listened to our users and we analyzed data derived from surveys and comments received by our customer support team. Based on user feedback and our own experience, we broke down the user journey to determine what we could enhance or simplify in every step of the use of the device. We evaluated what we could do better and/or differently based on existing iontophoresis machines. We incorporated some insights gained from literature, such as anthropometric data and material selection.

  1. We explored a lot of different shapes and renders through sketching, physical modeling, 3D modeling, and 3D printing. We tested and revised every feature along the way and nothing has been left to chance. We paid attention to the appearance but also to the other sensorial aspects and we tried different textures and hardness of material. The graphic design and marketing departments were also involved to ensure that the design would be aligned with Dermadry’s brand identity.

  1. When we were satisfied with the final concept, we worked closely with manufacturers to optimize fabrication processes. We made pre production prototypes that we tested again to evaluate quality and solidity. We rigorously documented materials and processes to ensure we could trace our steps.

  1. We completed the final quality control of the finished product and we were finally able to prepare tutorials and marketing content to introduce our baby to the world!

What were some key changes you wanted to make in the design?

Performing iontophoresis treatment requires several pieces to be connected together, so we gave a lot of attention to the interaction between the various pieces and how we could make the assembly and post-treatment cleanup quicker and more intuitive.

We wanted to offer a more compact device that is easier to store and transport, and in a style that better compliments a home environment. 

Can you discuss some of the features and advantages of the device?

We began with the design of the tray because it would determine the overall dimensions and volume of the device. We based the volume of the tray on anthropometric data to make sure that the dimensions would accommodate most sizes of hands and feet, as we know our users are very diverse and they have different sized hands and feet.

The device now only uses only half the water as it did previously, without a reduction in efficiency. We optimized the volume of the water to offer an efficient treatment while cutting down on water usage.

The hand-foot electrodes and the silicone mats were designed with the tray in mind, following its flowing shape to make a cohesive assembly during use and to be optimized for storage as well. We wanted to simplify the hand-foot electrode and it is now made of one piece only, which uses less resources. 

Can you tell us about the upgraded features? 

Swapping the aluminum for graphite-silicone also makes the electrodes much more durable as they will not corrode as easily. The underarm electrode kept the same shape as it was already appropriately sized to cover the underarms.

The silicone mat is more practical than the towel because it doesn’t need any machine washing. It is soft and bouncy enough to lay your hands or feet on. We gave it a turquoise pastel tone to create a high contrast with the graphite-silicone and to evoke the freshness that our users are going to achieve with the treatment. This new color is also in harmony with the visual identity of Dermadry.

To store and protect all these new pieces, we created a custom storage container which has pictograms to help organize every component and keep them organized after each use.

We also added a silicone tie in the same color of the mat to help to keep the cables organized, which makes it easier to put away and store.

Tell us about the new design of the case!

The shape and the finish of the trays were inspired by water as it is a crucial element of the treatment and it can also be seen as an analogy for the flow of the electricity, another crucial element of iontophoresis treatment.

The case is made of polycarbonate and is a special component as it holds all the elements of the treatment when closed and interlocked, and it also turns into the treatment trays when pulled apart. The two identical pieces are held together by an external fabric strap that slides right back on after treatment. The smooth wave shape of the case indicates the direction to close the case and each tray completes each other. 

The trays are secured together with an elastic strap, they don’t require to be manually separated, a task that was difficult for some users. The shape as a whole has a lot of curves, which also makes the tray more comfortable during the treatment of the hands because it now integrates an ergonomic forearm support, which is something a lot of our customers expressed their desire for.

Can you sum up Dermadry’s new features?

  • More compact (smaller and lighter)
  • Ergonomic design for a more comfortable treatment
  • A distinctive and modern design
  • Uses half as much water during treatment as previously
  • Durable and flexible electrodes
  • Electrodes made of soft and durable silicone material (aluminum-free)
  • Easily organized and stored
  • Requires less pieces
  • Quicker and more efficient post-treatment cleanup procedure

How do these upgraded features benefit Dermadry users?

  • Our ergonomic design creates a more comfortable treatment.
  • Store, transport, and organize your device more efficiently.
  • A more appealing device that effortlessly blends into your home environment.
  • Consumables will not have to be replaced as often due to our more durable silicone electrodes and mats.

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Browse through our photo gallery below for an exclusive glimpse of the sketches, renders, and prototypes of the new Dermadry device!

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