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What Are the Best Antiperspirants for Sweaty Armpits

By Sam Nardi / 2022 Apr 11th
Dermadry Team

Antiperspirants and deodorants are part of the average person’s daily routine. As there exists countless products and formulations, it can be confusing to know which antiperspirant is the best for you. If you sweat a “normal” amount, as in you’ve never really had sweating interfere with your daily life and sweat stains are not an everyday issue for you, chances are just a regular antiperspirant and deodorant stick is enough to keep you dry and odor free all day long. However, if you’re the 1 in 20 who suffers from excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, then chances are antiperspirant is just not enough for you. If you sweat moderately to severely, then you may already feel like you’ve tried every antiperspirant under the sun, or at least every antiperspirant available in your local pharmacy aisle.

When browsing the body care aisle at your local pharmacy, you’ve likely come across terms such as “clinical strength”, “prescription strength”, “maximum strength”, or even some antiperspirants. marketed directly to hyperhidrosis sufferers, i.e. those who sweat the most and would need the strongest available antiperspirant. It can be overwhelming, time consuming, and frustrating to try one antiperspirant after another with no results.

That’s why we’ve decided to put the 5 most popular and best-selling antiperspirants marketed to hyperhidrosis sufferers! The products were selected based on reviews, availability, claims, and for having been specifically marketed to those suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, rather than just the “average sweater”.

The Products

The five products that were selected for this test are listed below! Please note that some links may be affiliate links.

Company Product Tested Active Ingredient Claims Price Per Bottle Availability Application
SweatBlock SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes 14% Aluminum Chloride Up to 7 days of protection. US$19.99 Available on SweatBlock's website,, and certain retailers. Use one wipe every 7 days, or as needed. Apply at bedtime. Dab on clean, dry skin (do not rub). Air dry for 5 minutes, then go to bed. In the morning, wash the treated area with soap.
Certain Dri Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant 12% Aluminum Chloride Up to 72 hours of protection. US$6.30 Available and most retailers. Apply at bedtime to clean, dry skin. Roll product sparingly on underarms (a few strokes).
Carpe Carpe Underarm Antiperspirant 20% Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate For underarm hyperhidrosis. US$19.95 Available Carpe's website,, and select retailers. Apply every morning and night on clean, dry skin.
ZeroSweat ZeroSweat Underarm Antiperspirant 15% Aluminum Chloride Up to 7 days of protection. US$19.99 Available on ZeroSweat's website,, and certain retailers. Apply at bedtime to clean, dry skin. Roll product sparingly on underarms (few strokes) Let dry for 2-3 minutes, then go to bed.
Duradry Duradry AM 20% Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Glycine For underarm hyperhidrosis. US$10 Available on Duradry’s website and Apply every morning. Can be used in combination with the PM gel and wash, but I just used the antiperspirant stick on its own.

Are all antiperspirants created equal?

All aluminum salts used in antiperspirants behave in a similar manner. However, not all aluminum is the same, and some forms are stronger than others. Aluminum chloride is the strongest, which may be beneficial for powerful sweat treatment. Other aluminums such as aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex glycine and aluminum sesquichlorohydrate, are less powerful forms that are gentler on the skin. For those with sensitive skin and/or less sweating, a less powerful aluminum may be most suitable to prevent discomfort, rashes, or even more serious reactions.

Additionally, antiperspirants can come in different formulations such as creams, sprays, gels, roll-ons, and solids. Their application may differ, as well as their effectiveness. For the purposes of this test, we chose similar formulations that were applied directly to the armpit with a roll-on, stick, or cream application.

Top Antiperspirant Application Tips

  • Read instructions carefully prior to application, as instructions may vary from product to product and will affect effectiveness.
  • Wait 24-48 hours after shaving to apply antiperspirant, as freshly shaven skin may be more susceptible to redness, irritation, and itching.
  • Wait for antiperspirant to fully dry before putting your clothes on. This can take up to 5 minutes. Putting clothes on prior to the product being fully dry could cause stains and residue on clothing and could affect the effectiveness of the product that may have wiped off on the clothing.
  • Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.
  • Apply at bedtime for best results, unless otherwise directed. You want to apply this when you are least sweaty and least prone to
  • If you have a metal allergy, do not use them.
  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, aluminum antiperspirants may not be the right treatment for you.

How do antiperspirants work?

All antiperspirants contain some form of aluminum. While they each have slightly different reactions, and different concentrations and formulations, they all work in essentially the same way.

Antiperspirants decrease sweating by creating temporary plugs that reduce sweat production in the region the antiperspirant is applied to. These plugs are temporary (generally lasting up to 24 hours, but sometimes longer) and are washed away over time, at which point reapplication is necessary. Some antiperspirants require a prescription because of their high aluminum concentration.

Different types of aluminum have different strengths (chloride being the strongest) and different permissible concentrations without a prescription, as allowed by the FDA and other health regulatory agencies. The strongest form of aluminum found in antiperspirants is aluminum chloride, which can be sold without a prescription in up to 15% concentrations.

Antiperspirant Vs. Deodorant

Antiperspirants and deodorants are terms often used interchangeably, as they’re often sold in 2-in-1 formulations, but both products serve different purposes, and understanding the difference is crucial to maximizing their effectiveness. There is no such thing as aluminum-free antiperspirant, as aluminum is the active ingredient with anti-sweat properties. Deodorants on their own do not contain aluminum and may be labeled “aluminum-free”, which can be a bit misleading as no deodorants contain aluminum, unless they are paired with an antiperspirant.

  • Antiperspirants = stop sweating (perspiration). These products contain aluminum, which is the active ingredient that reduces sweating.
  • Deodorant = deodorize = stop body odor. These products help you deodorize and smell better. They’re often included in traditional antiperspirant formulations.

The Test: Testing the 5 Best-Rated and Top-Reviewed Antiperspirants for Hyperhidrosis

Sweating Profile:

I have hyperhidrosis and mildly sensitive skin. My biggest struggle is stress sweat, as I tend to sweat most when I am nervous, stressed or anxious. For the test, I’ve stopped using any other forms or treatments for underarm sweating, and spaced out treatments, testing one product a week.

My biggest concerns:

  • Keeping me dry during stressful moments and active/gym time.
  • Sweat stains on clothing, and products leaving white marks and residue on clothing.
  • Keeping me dry a whole day without reapplication.
  • Skin sensitivity.

Testing Protocol:

I tested each antiperspirant for a week, strictly following their application instructions. During each test I stopped using any other antiperspirant or deodorant products and treatments on the underarm.

Test Results:

Product Application Side Effects Did it leave white marks/residue? Did I see sweat stains? How long did it last?
SweatBlock Application is very simple. Wipes are separately packaged and must be dabbed on underarms. Product is not too liquidy. Skin felt slightly irritated/tight after application. Skin felt a bit itchy the following morning and throughout the day, and after heavy activity (gym & workouts). No. I did not notice any white marks or residue on my skin or clothing. No. I had very mild moistness on underarms after 2 days, but no sweat marks on clothing. Applied one wipe as directed and saw how long I could go before sweating, which was about 48 hours when I noticed some moistness return.
Certain Dri Application is with a roll-on ball. It is simple, but the product is very liquid and must be used sparingly or it will drip. Skin felt a bit itchy and irritated for the 24 hours following the application and when I was working out (and sweating more). No, I did not notice any white marks or residue on my skin or clothing No, I did not notice any underarm sweat stains. It worked best during the first day. Would recommend daily reapplication. Product lasted approximately 36 hours before I noticed some underarm moistness.
Carpe Application is done with a twist-up cream antiperspirant. Application is simple but the product itself is quite pasty. No side effects to note. The eucalyptus in the underarm lotion left the skin feeling a bit cool and tingly. Yes. The product is a lotion that left white marks with reapplication. I did not see sweat stains, just some residue. It lasted longer than my regular antiperspirant and provided great protection against odor. I reapplied before the gym for extra protection.
ZeroSweat Application is with a roll-on ball. It is simple, but the product is very liquid and must be used sparingly or it will drip. Slight burning and tingling once the product dried onto the skin. Skin felt itchy and mildly irritated. No. I did not notice any white marks or residue on my skin or clothing No, I did not notice any underarm sweat stains. It worked best during the first day. Would recommend daily reapplication. Product lasted approximately 36-48 hours before I noticed some underarm moistness.
Duradry Application is a stick antiperspirant, so application is easy and like regular antiperspirants. No side effects. The scent of the deodorant is fresh and quite strong. By applying a small amount, as stated in the directions, I did not notice any white marks. After reapplication throughout the day, I did see some residue on my clothing. No, I did not notice any underarm sweat stains, however after repeated use I saw some white marks on my clothing. It lasted approximately the same time period as my regular antiperspirant. I reapplied only before stressful events and workouts.

The Final Results: Which antiperspirant is best for excessive underarm sweating?

After testing each antiperspirant for a week, here are my results.

Product Results Best For The Good The Bad Overall Comments
SweatBlock Convenient application that did keep me dry and did not leave residue marks behind. However, one wipe I'd say lasted about 2 days maximum with moderate physical activity and cool weather. Those who have mild hyperhidrosis. I do not think 1 wipe a week would be enough for the average person, let alone those with moderate to severe hyperhidrosis. Ideal for special one-off events like weddings, or days out where reapplication isn’t possible and where you want lasting protection. Also recommend to those who don’t like scented underarm products. - Easy application.

- No strong scent.

- Good sweat protection for mild sweating.

- Convenient individually-packaged wipes.

- Mildly irritating.

- Would not last 7 days for those with hyperhidrosis.

- Need additional deodorant.

- Expensive.

Good sweat protection, but not suitable for overly sensitive skin. Since this antiperspirant does not have any deodorant, I would recommend using a deodorant in addition to this product as this does not offer any odor protection. I don’t think this would last more than 24-48 hours for the average person, and definitely not for someone suffering from mild to severe hyperhidrosis. Its high percentage of aluminum chloride offers good sweat protection, but is slightly irritating to the underarm.
Certain Dri Convenient application that did keep me dry, but left my skin feeling a bit itchy. While it claims to last up to 72 hours, I think it is most effective during the first 24 hours. Those who sweat a bit more than average (mild hyperhidrosis) and want lasting protection that is inexpensive and easy to find. - Low cost.

- Widespread availability.- Easy application.- No strong scent.

  • Mildly irritating.- Takes a while to completely dry on the skin due to its very liquid formula.
  • Additional deodorant required.
It’s widespread availability online and in-store and low cost makes this the best choice for many people. It’s high percentage of aluminum chloride offers good sweat protection, but is slightly irritating to the underarm. Since this antiperspirant does not have any deodorant, I would recommend using a deodorant in addition to this product as this does not offer any odor protection.
Carpe Very easy traditional antiperspirant application. Gentle on the skin, but the eucalyptus left a “fresh” sensation on the underarm that I liked, but may not be to everyone’s liking. Sweat protection was moderate and re-application later in the day was necessary. Had a very strong scent and dried like a white paste on the underarm, which left me worried about whether it would transfer on my clothing. Those who like traditional underarm antiperspirant application (tube) and a milder form of aluminum. Would recommend for those with mild excessive sweating. - Cooling feeling on underarms.

- Antiperspirant and deodorant in one.

- While I liked the eucalyptus smell, it may not be for everyone.

- Leaves white residue on underarms which could transfer to clothing.

Did not like the residue it left behind . I liked its easy application, cooling feeling, and fresh scent. Would recommend this for people who sweat a normal amount and are fond of its scent and 2-in-1 antiperspirant and deodorant application.
ZeroSweat Convenient application that did keep me dry, but left my skin feeling itchy for hours after application. The formulation is also very liquid and even when applying sparingly it’s hard to stop it from dripping down your body. While it claims to last up to 7 days, I think it is most effective during the first 24-48 hours only. Those who want the highest concentration of the strongest form of aluminum available without a prescription. - Easy to apply.

- Unscented.

- Highest percentage of aluminum chloride.

- Very liquidy formula that will leak if too much is applied.

- The way it dried on the skin, my skin felt slightly moist and not very dry to the touch.

- Takes at least 5 minutes to fully dry.

- My skin felt like it was tightening as the product was drying, and burned/tingled a little bit.

- Itching throughout the day.

Good sweat protection, but not suitable for overly sensitive skin. Since this antiperspirant does not have any deodorant or scents, I would recommend using a deodorant in addition to this product as this does not offer any odor protection.
Duradry My underarms still felt slightly moist throughout the day, and while I liked the fresh scent, the scent of the product may not be to everyone's liking. Those who want a simple application with a traditional 2-in-1 antiperspirant. - Antiperspirant and deodorant combination.

- Traditional stick application.

- Easy to apply.

- Milder formulation of antiperspirant.

- Strong scent.

- If too much is applied, it will leave white marks on your shirt. So reapplication, while needed, may not be ideal, and could lead to residue buildup.

I would recommend using it with the Duradry PM gel for extra protection.

Which antiperspirant is best for hyperhidrosis (effective sweating)?

These products, while all marketed similarly to hyperhidrosis sufferers, all address slightly different needs.

For those who may sweat a little more than average or suffer from very mild underarm hyperhidrosis, I would recommend Carpe. This antiperspirant contains a milder forms of aluminum, combined with a deodorant, so is best suited for those with sensitive skin (my skin did not itch or burn with this one). Both Carpe and Duradry are best for people who like convenience and traditional underarm antiperspirant. Their higher concentrations of aluminum (20%) in these products compared to the average drugstore antiperspirant make them more effective, but not as irritating as the antiperspirants with a high percentage of aluminum chloride. These would be best suited for those looking for more protection than the average antiperspirant, with the convenience of a 2-in-1. They also both leave a fresh scent, so you don't have to worry about body odor!

Carpe also offers a range of products that target many places where you may suffer from hyperhidrosis, such as the hands, feet, back, face, groin, and more! Duradry also offers supplemental products including the Duradry Wash & Duradry PM Gel, which may help provide longer-lasting freshness and odor protection. We recommend following the Duradry 3-step system for best results.

For those suffering from severe excessive sweating, my recommendation would be to get the highest concentration of aluminum chloride antiperspirants, which in this case would be ZeroSweat, which is 15% aluminum chloride (the limit for non-prescription antiperspirants). This kept me dry for nearly 48 hours, not the full 7 days as they claim, though this will vary based on your sweating level.

Due to this active ingredient alone, this will be the most effective at keeping you dry for the longest period of time. However, the downside is that this high concentration of aluminum can lead to stinging, burning, and itching of the underarms, as I experienced with all the antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride, but it will depend on your skin sensitivity. SweatBlock antiperspirant wipes at 14% aluminum chloride are a good option for those who would prefer to use wipes, which can easily and discreetly be brought with you while traveling or on-the-go. I preferred these over the more liquidy roll-on formulations. They also kept me dry for over 24 hours

For those looking for similar effectiveness, Certain Dri would be best for those looking for the most affordable and easily accessible antiperspirant that offers a high percentage of aluminum chloride. I would recommend using a deodorant in addition to all these products, as these do not offer any odor protection. However, due to the high percentage of aluminum in these, which can be irritating to the skin, some manufacturers advise against using any additional products on the underarms, which is not ideal for those struggling with both body odor and excessive sweating.

Antiperspirants need to be applied at night to be most effective. However, some require it to be applied to completely dry skin to be most effective, which can be challenging if you’re someone who’s perpetually sweating. Hyperhidrosis is spontaneous so it may be challenging to really get the most out of antiperspirants that require reapplication.

Antiperspirants don’t work for me, what should I do?

While antiperspirants are suitable for most people who sweat an average or slightly above average amount, for the majority of hyperhidrosis sufferers, they’re simply not enough. If you struggle with excessive sweating and you’ve never experienced success, you’re not alone. If antiperspirants haven’t worked for you, then you may want to try a new treatment, such as iontophoresis treatment, which is often recommended and prescribed to hyperhidrosis patients who don’t get results with traditional antiperspirants. Other treatments such as prescription oral medications,

Iontophoresis treatment is a doctor-recommended, drug-free, and non-invasive (doesn’t penetrate the skin) treatment for hyperhidrosis with clinical studies demonstrating success rates ranging from 90-100% of patients. With an at-home device like the Dermadry Underarms, treatments are only 15 minutes long and can be done at any time of day, while doing something else such as reading a book or watching television. Iontophoresis is suitable for mild cases of hyperhidrosis (moist armpits) to the most severe cases (dripping down sweat). Once a desired level of dryness is achieved, dryness can be maintained indefinitely by continuing to do one 15 minute treatment as little as once every few weeks.

Watch a tutorial for the treatment of excessive armpit sweating using the Dermadry iontophoresis machine below.

Antiperspirants vs Iontophoresis

Antiperspirants Iontophoresis
Type of Treatment Aluminum antiperspirant Tap water iontophoresis
Areas Treated Mostly designed for underarm usage. Designed for the treatment of underarms, hands, and feet.
Side Effects Burning, redness, irritation, itching. Redness and tingling.
Longevity of Product Must be repurchased every few weeks. One-time buy.
Effectiveness Antiperspirants are generally only effective for mild cases, not severe cases. Effective for mild to the most severe cases of hyperhidrosis.
How Long do Results Last Results last on average several hours up to several days without application. Up to 6 weeks of dryness after 1 treatment in the maintenance phase.
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Learn more about iontophoresis treatment here and discover Dermadry’s range of iontophoresis machines below. The Dermadry Underarms is exclusively designed for the treatment of excessive sweating of the underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis).

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