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What are the Best T-Shirts for Sweaty Armpits?

By Sam Nardi / 2022 Jul 28th
Dermadry Team

It’s no secret that everyone sweats from their underarms. No matter how much, or how much we try to hide it, sometimes we find ourselves doing those discreet sweat and sniff tests to see if our antiperspirants and deodorants are holding up throughout the day and keeping us sweat and odor-free.

Excessive underarm sweating can dampen your day and your shirts! They can ruin everything from your favorite item of clothing to a first impression. Staying away from certain colors and fabrics, layering, and using antiperspirants and disposable underarm shields, are just some of the ways people try to prevent and tackle the dreaded underarm sweat stain. On the warmest summer days, or prior to a particularly stressful event, sometimes sweat stains seem unavoidable and you need an extra layer of protection.

Whether you use antiperspirants, deodorants, or another treatment for sweating like iontophoresis, sometimes you just want that added layer of confidence. That’s when the role of the sweat-proof t-shirt comes in!

There are several types of t-shirts meant to help you keep your sweat under control and prevent sweat stains. Since the aluminum in antiperspirants can lead to yellow stains and discolouration, wearing a specially formulated undershirt can also help you save your nice clothing and outer layers. They are especially useful for those who suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating of the underarms.

The two main types of t-shirts for sweating are:

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Moisture-wicking clothing is designed to help wick away sweat and moisture from the skin to keep it from feeling damp. These are primarily designed to help people feel dry and comfortable during physical activity. This is a term you’ll most commonly see used to describe gym clothing and accessories. Some who suffer from excessive sweating also find some relief in these t-shirts as they tend to be very airy and breathable. 

Underarm Shields & Pads


Clothing shields, or otherwise known as underarm pads are built into the underarm area of t-shirts. These are meant to absorb your sweat and prevent the sweat from leaving sweat marks or other stains on your clothing. These are often worn as undershirts, but can be worn on their own, as some are specially designed to look like regular shirts. Some of these pads on the shirts can be visible, however, so they’re often worn underneath other clothing.

These are most effective for those with mild hyperhidrosis, where the sweat can be contained in the underarm pad without leaking, or as a complementary product to an underarm sweating treatment. Think of them like an added layer of confidence! They are a good added security measure that can be invaluable during presentations and interviews, in particular. You can also purchase these separately and add them on your pre-existing clothing. These have been used for decades, and come in a reusable and disposable format.

Underarm clothing shields can also protect your clothing from yellow stains and product antiperspirant and deodorant buildup. Yellow stains on clothing are not caused by sweat, but rather the chemical reaction that occurs between sweat and aluminum-based antiperspirants. Therefore, having an absorbent layer between your underarms and your clothing can prevent yellow staining and discoloration on your garments, as well as save your clothing from built up deodorant and antiperspirant residue.

What Is The Best T-Shirt for Hyperhidrosis?

What are the best t-shirts for sweaty armpits, also known as axillary hyperhidrosis? That’s what we wanted to know too, so we put some of the most popular and top-rated t-shirts to help hide sweat stains to the ultimate sweat test!

Watch Amanda’s testing and roundup of the best t-shirts for excessively sweaty armpits in our video below! Keep on reading for an in-depth breakdown of the best t-shirts for sweaty people.

The Test 

During the testing period, we stopped wearing antiperspirants and stopped applying any other products and doing any Dermadry treatments to reduce sweating. This was to test how the shirts performed on their own, without the help of any additional products. However, if you opt to wear these t-shirts in your day to day, we recommend still using a treatment and deodorant to keep sweat and odor to a minimum.

We tested each t-shirt for practical and everyday use by wearing each to the office, as well as tested each for 30-45 minutes of exercise to see how they performed when sweating was at its peak. After these tests were conducted, we also opted to test their absorbent properties on their own by spilling water directly onto the underarm region to see how much they could absorb and if damp stains were visible.

Here’s how we tested each t-shirt

  • - We wore each for a full regular office day.
  • - We wanted to find out how well these shirts hold up during stressful moments, work meetings, and presentations.
  • - We wore each while doing 30-45 minutes of continuous physical exercise.
  • - We wanted to know how well these shirts hold up during an intense workout.
  • - We poured water on the underarm region (into the pad, when applicable).
  • - To get a better understanding of the maximum sweat capacity of these t-shirts and to test their absorbent properties, we also poured some water in the t-shirts with underarm shields to mimic an intense sweating episode.

We tested each t-shirt on their own, without any shirts over it. While many opt to wear these as an undershirt, we wanted to see how they held up on their own, and to be able to notice right away if sweat was leaking or showing through.

The three main questions we kept in mind while doing the test:

  • - Sweat Protection: Does it actually prevent sweat stains from showing?
  • - Look & Fit: How does the t-shirt fit and feel?
  • - Good for Hyperhidrosis: Is it suitable for someone with an excessive sweating problem (hyperhidrosis)?

We also kept the following questions in mind, based on some of the claims the t-shirts made:

  • - Does it prevent odor?
  • - Does it wick away moisture or is dampness felt?
  • - Is it worth the price?

The Shirts

We ordered a total of 11 shirts, however the one from ItsDri never showed up, and as of writing this we have not received any reply from their customer service.

Therefore, we tested a total of 10 shirts from the following brands: Ejis, Kleinert’s, Social Citizen, Thompson Tee, DeepVTee, NanoDri, Numi, Under Armour, Hanes, and Russell Athletic.

We picked these shirts based on their reviews, their claims, and their popularity. We tested a mix of moisture-wicking athletic wear, including those from Hanes and Under Armour, as well as some more targeted towards those with hyperhidrosis, including Social Citizen and Thompson Tee.


  • Price: US$36.99
  • Look & Fit: This t-shirt has a nice fit and the underarm patches are small and discreet. 
      • Sweat Protection: It did help with the sweat a bit, however, it did become see-through once you start sweating.
  • Good for Hyperhidrosis? Good for mild sweating, but not severe underarm sweating.
    • Other Notes: On their website, they only market these towards men, but these would be equally suitable for women.


  • Price: US$31.99
  • Look & Fit: The t-shirt is soft and light. The underarm patches are quite large but visually still quite discreet, however, they make a loud crumply noise when rubbed together. 
      • Sweat Protection:  It does help with sweat, if you don’t mind the noise.
  • Good for Hyperhidrosis? Good for mild sweating, but not severe underarm sweating.
    • Other Notes: The t-shirt is very long, so most suitable for those with longer torsos.


  • Price: US$65
    • Look & Fit: The t-shirt has a nice cut and soft fabric. The t-shirt was a bit too tight of a fit, which didn’t make it feel breathable, which also made it a bit uncomfortable to move in.
    • Sweat Protection: When I started to sweat, it immediately started to show through. The color of the t-shirt (light pink) did not help.
    • Good for Hyperhidrosis? We do not recommend this t-shirt for those with hyperhidrosis.
    • Other Notes; This is the most expensive t-shirt of the 10 we tested. The packaging is really nice. Size up from your regular size if you want a looser fit.

    Under Armour 

  • Price: US$30
    • Look & Fit: The t-shirt is very light and soft, and there are no underarm patches.
    • Sweat Protection: The sweat doesn’t show through mainly because the shirt is black. However, it doesn’t really do anything for sweating, as it’s more of a workout top.
    • Good for Hyperhidrosis? No, this would not help with hyperhidrosis. 
    • Other Notes: Ideal as a workout top since it is breathable and allows you to move around comfortably.

    Thompson Tee

  • Price: US$32.99
    • Look & Fit: This t-shirt is light and soft. There are underarm patches but they are relatively discrete and thin.
    • Sweat Protection: The underarm pads absorb sweat and the sweat did not show through, but the patches do feel damp in the underarms.
    • Good for Hyperhidrosis? Yes, this would be great for someone with hyperhidrosis, particularly if they want an added layer of sweat protection.
    • Other Notes: Size down if you want a tighter fit.

    Social Citizen

  • Price: US$36
    • Look & Fit: Comfortable and really soft t-shirt.
    • Sweat Protection: The underarm pads absorbed a surprising amount of sweat. Great to prevent sweat stains, but you feel dampness on the underarm, which could be uncomfortable for long periods of time.
    • Good for Hyperhidrosis?  Yes, this was our favorite t-shirt and top choice for hyperhidrosis.
    • Other Notes: Absorbs a lot, but that can lead to dampness being felt on the underarm.


  • Price: US$12
    • Look & Fit: The texture feels nice and the fit is good. 
    • Sweat Protection: Not great for people who sweat. It becomes see-through as soon as it becomes wet.
    • Good for Hyperhidrosis? No, this would not help with hyperhidrosis. 
    • Other Notes: Most affordable of the 10 t-shirts we tested. Great under shirt for someone who doesn’t sweat much, or as a workout top.


  • Price: US$44.95
    • Look & Fit: Nice fabric, comfortable, and the most presentable. Could be worn on its own at the office. 
    • Sweat Protection: The fabric is breathable, and leaves you feeling fresh. It absorbs sweat very well.
    • Good for Hyperhidrosis?  Yes, this t-shirt absorbed sweat really well and would be suitable for someone with hyperhidrosis. .
    • Other Notes: The shirt absorbed a surprising amount of sweat considering how thin it is.


  • Price: US$29.99
    • Look & Fit: This would only work as an undershirt as it’s so tight, and would not be ideal for physical activity. 
    • Sweat Protection: The sweat absorbent pads work well and are not too bulky. However, the sweat seemed to linger on the surface for a while, which could lead to it running down. 
    • Good for Hyperhidrosis?  Yes, this would help someone with mild hyperhidrosis, but it is not our top choice due to the fit of the t-shirt..
    • Other Notes: Size up from your regular size, as sizing runs a bit small. This is a v-neck cut, so not suitable for those who prefer rounded collars.

    Russell Athletic

  • Price: US$11.95
    • Look & Fit: Good value for price. The color and fit is good, but not very comfortable. 
    • Sweat Protection: Sweat was harder to notice because of the dark color, but did not do much to absorb sweat.
    • Good for Hyperhidrosis? No, this would not help with hyperhidrosis. 
    • Other Notes:  UPF 30+ rating means it would be ideal for those who exercise outdoors in the sun.


    • We ordered one and never received it. We have contacted their customer service team and never received a response

    The Best T-Shirts for Sweaty People

    After putting these 10 t-shirts to the ultimate sweat test, we narrowed down our top choices for the best t-shirts for excessive sweating, which were:

    We narrowed down our top 3 based on how well they’d hold up for those who have underarm hyperhidrosis. 

    For those who don’t sweat too much and are just looking for a good t-shirt for the gym, we suggest:

    • - Hanes
    • - Under Armour

    For those who don’t suffer from excessive sweating, we’d recommend these above choices as they are ideal workout tops. They will not do much for excessive sweating, apart from helping to conceal sweat marks if they are dark in color, particularly black. In this case, simply look for exercise t-shirts and workout wear, often labeled as moisture-wicking.

    Do sweat-proof t-shirts really help with sweating?

    It really depends on the person, but for many sweat-proof t-shirts add an extra layer of confidence by minimizing the amount of time spent on worrying if your sweat patches are showing through. Here are some of the things t-shirts with underarm shields can do for you:

    • - Sweat-proof t-shirts can help keep your outer layer and business attire clean and dry and can give you a confidence boost.
    • - They can be excellent at the gym if you’re a heavy sweater and tend to feel self-conscious about the amount you sweat.
    • - They help prevent sweat from showing, but do not stop you from sweating. We recommend using an antiperspirant or using iontophoresis treatment. We also recommend using a deodorant as these don’t really offer enough odor protection.

    Picking the right sweatproof t-shirt for you!

    Here are our top tips for picking the sweat-proof t-shirt for your needs.

    • - Look for t-shirts particularly designed for those with excessive sweating, rather than just “moisture-wicking” as these are more of an exercise t-shirt or breathable regular t-shirt for the average sweater.
    • - Underarm pads can take a while to get used to. The feeling of them can be unusual for those who aren’t used to them. Most of them also show through, so we’d recommend wearing these as undershirts, rather than on their own. 
    • - Pay careful attention to the size chart to get the best fit you can or else. All these t-shirts have stretch in them, so if in doubt or in-between sizes, we recommend to size down for a more skin-tight fit. If you prefer looser clothing, especially for physical activity, keep in mind that if the shirt is too big then the underarm pads may shift a bit, which could be annoying.
    • - Underarm shields/pads are also sold separately and can be added to t-shirts you already own. These are generally disposable, and we’d suggest investing in a t-shirt, as you’ll get more wear out of it. However, these disposable ones are good to have in a pinch! Keep some in your office drawer for extra protection.
    • - While many claim to have odor-preventing fibers and technologies, we would still recommend using a deodorant, as we didn’t notice any of these t-shirts really helping with odor.
    • - Remember that these t-shirts are not a treatment, but rather a preventative measure to save your outer layer from sweat stains. They can even save your clothing from yellow stains, white marks, and general sweat-related discoloration, so great to save your nice clothing and/or outer layers.

    T-Shirts Not Enough? Try Iontophoresis

    T-shirts with absorbent underarm layers are best when combined with a treatment. In fact, they should be seen as complimentary or as an extra layer of protection with a treatment that will reduce sweating.

    Without the proper treatment to manage underarm sweating, if you wear one of these t-shirts you’ll just feel dampness in your underarms all day, which can be uncomfortable and irritating.

    For those looking for a treatment for excessive sweating of the underarms, let us introduce you to Dermadry!

    Dermadry is just as easy as applying antiperspirant, but instead of results lasting just a few hours or days, one Dermadry treatment can give you up to 6 weeks of dryness. It will not only help you manage sweating of the underarms, but also your hands and feet. 

    Getting your sweating under control has never been easier, and if you’re looking for that extra layer of confidence and freshness, especially before a big meeting or first date, then combining Dermadry with the right sweat-proof t-shirt will make you sweat-proof and ready to take on any challenge on the warmest or most stressful of days!

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