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The winners of the 2022 Dermadry Scholarship!

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2022 Dermadry Hyperhidrosis Scholarship...

- Denah —

Denah is the grand prize winner of the 2022 Dermadry Hyperhidrosis Scholarship! Her prize is the tools for a successful sweat-free school year: a MacBook Air & a Dermadry Total!

Congratulations to our runner-ups Minda and Amber, who are also each the winner of a Dermadry® Total.
Thank you to all who have come forward and shared their hyperhidrosis story!

Thank you to all those who voted and shared the entries with their community. You can watch all the video entries of our 10 finalists in the playlist below!

See you next year!

Student Life and Hyperhidrosis

Student life is stressful, and living with hyperhidrosis adds an extra layer of stress and unique challenges to an already stressful experience and life stage. Sweating through your clothes, trying to hide sweat marks, shying away from social activities, and/or struggling to write with a pen and paper or your laptop because of your sweaty hands are just some of the daily challenges students face. In addition to these unique challenges, hyperhidrosis is also linked to increased stress and anxiety levels, and can lead to isolation and bullying. Dermadry wants to end the stigma and get more people talking about hyperhidrosis so it can be normalized and more students feel comfortable seeking the help they need to succeed.

About the Dermadry Hyperhidrosis Scholarship

Launched in 2019, Dermadry’s Hyperhidrosis Scholarship is the first and only of its kind, that is a scholarship exclusively for students with hyperhidrosis.
Every year, Dermadry encourages students to come forward and share their hyperhidrosis story by creating a video that explores the impact hyperhidrosis has on their studies and daily life. The scholarship is granted to students every year to help provide them with the tools they need for a successful sweat-free school year.
Browse through past entries from our finalists and winners of the Dermadry Hyperhidrosis Scholarship!