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Announcing the winner of our 2020 Dermadry Scholarship

- Symphony —
With 2315 votes, they have been declared our winner for the 2020 edition of our scholarship.
They have been awarded a $2,000 scholarship and a Dermadry® Total.
Thank you to all our participants for coming forward and sharing your story!
See you next year for the 2021 edition!

A surprise for our 14 finalists

As a thank you to all of our finalists, we have awarded them each a free Dermadry® Total, valued at $499. CONGRATULATIONS to all & THANKS for the effort you have provided...
Dermadry® Team

Our 14 finalists

Vote For Your Favourite!

The entry with the most votes will be the recipient of the 2020 Dermadry Scholarship: $2,000 + A Dermadry Total!
1- Charis Anne, Philippines
2- Evan, United States
3- Saahil, Canada
4- Khadija, Oman
5- Marc Deniel, United States
6- Kierstin, United States
7- Victoria, Canada
8- Nicole, United States
9- Mika, Israel
10- Ben and Kate, New Zealand
11- Yaen, United States
12- Symphony, Philippines
13- Martina, Italy
14- Marta, Poland