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Dermadry Sweat Olympics!

Welcome to the 2021 Dermadry Sweat Olympics! The summer Olympic Games are a sweaty time for all involved, but for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, the sweating doesn’t stop once the games come to an end. So, if you sweat equally on and off the field, enter our Sweat Olympics!

We want to showcase the impact and challenges that excessive sweating has on everyday life, particularly in the realm of physical activity and athleticism. From sweaty feet on the field keeping you from feeling and performing your best, to struggling with sports and activities requiring good grip, the ways hyperhidrosis can affect your game and abilities are not to be undermined.

That’s why we’ve launched the Sweat Olympics! We have crowned our three sweathletes and have given them each a Dermadry Total to treat their excessive sweating! Watch our three winning entries below!

Zi Qing Y.

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Ryan S.


Leon P.

Thank you to all our participants for coming forward, sharing their story, and using their platform to spread awareness of hyperhidrosis! Stay tuned for more competitions and giveaways!


Sweating should never get in the way of doing the things you love. That's why Dermadry is committed to helping athletes perform their best by providing all competitive athletes an exclusive 40% discount on the Dermadry Total device!
To get the discount, send us proof of your results from a sports competition you participated in (within the past year) to and a member of our team will send your unique discount code!
We hope that this will help you perform to the best of your abilities!