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Testimonials & Reviews

Have you read through and learned everything you need to know about hyperhidrosis and iontophoresis and are now wondering if Dermadry is the best choice to treat your excessive sweating? Some of the most common questions received are “Does Dermadry work?” and “Will Dermadry work for me?” and there’s no one better to answer these questions than our customers themselves!
We have helped thousands of people from hundreds of countries around the world achieve the dryness they deserve and the comfort and confidence they need to excel in every aspect of their life.
Read and watch through our Dermadry customer reviews and testimonials below. We have had people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds from every corner of the world document their Dermadry experience, some over the course of two years, and share it with you, to help you make the decision that can change your life. Start your sweat-free journey by browsing through our gallery of customer testimonials as well as reviews from medical professionals below!

Dermadry Testimonials

Yamaya Mason
I have been using this for the past two months, and it actually works. Dermadry has literally changed my life! I am able to be confident again. I am able to wear satin clothing again. I can wear anything and not be ashamed that I am going to be sweaty or somebody may see my sweat stains. I can do anything.
Joel Wood
The thought of now being able to shake people's hands and not be worried about my hand being slippery and wet and the fact that I can go on a date and hold someone's hand and not be worried about them recoiling and being like “oh, that's gross” is amazing. I just absolutely love it, I’m so over the moon.
I’m not sweaty and I’m not funky. Usually under all these layers, especially this sweater, I’d be sweaty. So far, my armpits are good. Dermadry was able to keep me happy and dry while I hiked mountains and explored. I used the product once a week, sometimes using it inconsistently, but I've had great results nonetheless. I will continue to use Dermadry as needed! I highly encourage Dermadry for all of your adventures.
Quinn Birkholz
I'm so used to my hands always being clammy 24/7, so to feel them being smooth and soft is surreal. I have been dealing with this condition my entire life, so this is a big moment for me. I’ve had an absolutely amazing experience with Dermadry, I highly recommend them.
Does Dermadry work? Yes, it does work. It is another useful tool that works for managing my hyperhidrosis. I'm so very happy to have this machine. I've had a great experience with Dermadry as a company and with their iontophoresis device.
Roneil Castillo
I 100% recommend Dermadry! So comfortable and easy to use, and I’m so happy I can use it in the privacy of my own home. No more booking appointments and having to get ready to leave the house for a clinic visit, I can do top-up treatments whenever I need to!
Hannah Schroeder
If you’re someone who suffers from excessive sweating, then Dermadry’s iontophoresis machine might just be the solution for you!
As far as results go, I am very happy with my results in the second week, I didn’t sweat all week and it has taken away a lot of my anxiety. Usually when I’m wearing long sleeve sweaters, I am constantly checking, wondering if I'm sweating and how much am I going to sweat. I found myself surprised that I wasn't sweating. I didn't even have to bring a paper towel or any type of tissue or anything when I was out. It has even helped my skin condition, which is called eczema, as it happened a lot in my underarms because of the excess moisture.
It has worked without actually needing that much time to become effective. I was already starting to feel the results of it after like two sessions. This device has given me a lot of my confidence back. I’ve tried a lot of at-home treatments and this is the first that did what it said it would do.
DWe saw results within the first two weeks. The treatment doesn't really feel like anything and it's really quick; you just plug it in! The device is so small as well, it’s a little briefcase. When I was ordering it, I thought I was going to get this huge machine, but it is tiny and compact! It is so worth it.
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I have been suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis for about 15 years. I was always concerned about my hyperhidrosis, but I have found that when I have gone out, I really haven't been sweating, and that's a huge deal for me. I’m six months in and I definitely highly, highly recommend this machine for anybody who suffers from hyperhidrosis.
Dermadry is the best investment I’ve ever made in my life! I’ve tried so many other treatments before, including four other iontophoresis machines, antiperspirants, and injections, and I think Dermadry is the best.
Andrew MacFarlane
I did five treatments a week; it took about two weeks, and then I saw a difference. It's a noticeable difference. It was like night and day: my hands are just significantly dryer. After the [initial treatment phase] I was good for like two months. After two months I did a top-up treatment and then I was good again!
Nadia Peri
This is a great option for those who want to treat sweating at home. I know so many people suffer from hyperhidrosis, but there’s no need to stress because treatment is available. There is a lot of research that has proven that iontophoresis is an effective method for treating hyperhidrosis!
Having hyperhidrosis has made me insecure and led to a lot of awkward moments. So this treatment [Dermadry] was my third one. The first one was the injections, the second one was a different older machine, and the third one is the Dermadry, which honestly is the best out of the three. The injections was just expensive and it hurt. The second one was not so advanced in technology, while this one is like, you don't have to do anything. It does all the work for you. It counts down. It shows you everything, it’s just easy! Do I still sweat? Yes, I do. Has my sweating been reduced? Yes. Can I control it more? Yes. Do I suggest you trying this out? Definitely.

Want to see more customer reviews?

Check out our YouTube playlist below to see hundreds more video reviews, unboxings, tutorials, and treatment updates! In addition to our English-speaking customers, we have customers from all over the world who have published content in French, Arabic, Filipino, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Malay, and more! Browse through our hundreds of video reviews in our playlist below.
Visit our YouTube channel for more video reviews and tutorials!

Dermadry 2-Year Case Studies

The key to obtaining long-lasting results with Dermadry is by following a maintenance schedule that corresponds with your lifestyle. We asked some of the first Dermadry users to document their journey and they’re back with 2-year updates documenting their journey to dryness with Dermadry’s anti-sweat device.
Follow along their sweat-free journeys by reading our case studies below. From unboxings, to demos and first impressions, all the way to a 2-year update on their experience with the device, they share it all.
Dermadry has really changed my life for the better. I’m more outgoing now and no longer afraid of social situations. I started a new job since beginning my Dermadry treatments and I’m just so excited to shake everyone’s hand as I’m no longer embarrassed about my sweaty hands!
It's been two summers since I first started using the device, and I'm happy to report that I've been able to keep my hyperhidrosis under control through the muggy and sticky weather with continual use! I feel less sweaty and I feel more confident. I'm able to wear clothes I like, and I don't have to worry about sweat marks or anything like that.
Angel Zheng
Hyperhidrosis has always been one of my biggest insecurities, so the feeling of finding a solution has really brought me so much joy! I've explored a lot of different options when it comes to dealing with this issue. I personally would choose iontophoresis, the treatment, over any other treatment and or any other solution just because I find that it is actually the most effortless treatment. For those who suffer from this condition, and haven’t heard of this treatment before, I hope it gives you a little bit of hope!

Real People, Real Results

We reached out to four past Dermadry customers to come to our headquarters so we could and asked them to share their hyperhidrosis journey. We invited them to Dermadry’s headquarters to sit down and talk with us and we documented their experience.
From their first memory of living with excessive sweating, to the various ways it impacted their life, to finally discovering Dermadry’s treatment that helped them get their sweating under control, they share it all.
Here are their stories! Thank you Felipe, Marianne, Alexandra, and Collin for coming forward and sharing your hyperhidrosis story. If you want to hear their stories, how they first discovered Dermadry, and how it changed their lives, check out their stories below!
I Finally Feel “Normal”
Now I Can Wear What I Want
The Solution I Was Looking For
The Solution I Was Looking For
Iontophoresis treatment helped Alexandra regain her confidence and get her freedom back.

What Doctors are Saying About Dermadry

Medical Testimonials

Iontophoresis is often considered a first-line treatment for excessive sweating by medical professionals for their patients suffering from mild to severe palmar, plantar, and axillary hyperhidrosis . If you’re curious about what doctors have to say about Dermadry’s iontophoresis machine, check out our testimonials below, and read the full interviews we have conducted with dermatologists and specialists to learn more about their first-hand experience dealing with hyperhidrosis patients. Dermadry is a trusted solution in the medical sector. Our iontophoresis device is FDA Cleared, CE Marked and has an active medical device license from Health Canada, as well as the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Interested in learning more? View some of our additional certifications and compliance certificates here! Watch Dr. Muneeb Shah (@dermdoctor)’s review of Dermadry!

Dr. Hope Mitchell, MD

  • I think it's a fantastic option. I love iontophoresis for my patients who have palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis.
  • It's very easy to use, and I always tell my patients, when you're doing the 15- or 20-minute treatments, you can do it in front of a TV, watch a movie, or read on your computer!
  • I think overall, to me, what's most important is not only to provide safe and effective treatment, like what Dermadry provides, but to educate and empower our patients so that they know that they can achieve dryness, and they can be confident being who they are.
Read our full interview with dermatologist Dr. Hope Mitchell, MD.

Dr. Amy Shah, MD

  • I'm so excited about tap water iontophoresis. I think it is something that can change lives and that's why I'm so excited to be talking about things like Dermadry and treatments that use iontophoresis. This is an at-home solution that is simple and easy.
  • You have to be on a regular treatment schedule to really see a difference. And I think that keeping up just like we do with any health habit—having something become a habit and be regular has a huge effect on not only giving us results, but also giving us a sense of routine and increasing our confidence and lowering our anxiety.
Read our full interview with dermatologist Dr. Amy Shah, MD.

Dr. Robert Strimling, MD

  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis has come a long way in the past 30 years since I began my career in the field of dermatology. Learning about tap water iontophoresis even back during my early days as a dermatologist, I have always found this treatment to be highly successful for most patients. However, in those early years, quality-made and cost-effective devices were not easily found. Thankfully, now iontophoresis is more accessible, with quality devices on the market like Dermadry, which I recommend to my patients looking for a cost-effective treatment that can be done at home.
Read our full interview with dermatologist Dr. Robert Strimling, MD.

Dr. Ryan De Cruz, MD

  • So I've often felt quite sad for these patients because we haven't had treatments that they're able to do at home in the comfort of their own environment, with the frequency that they need. So to have the Dermadry available for them to use and own themselves and run as frequently as they need using something as simple as tap water, I think it's a real groundbreaking treatment that I'm really passionate about promoting to my patients because I'm so confident that it will help them.
Read our full interview with dermatologist Dr. Ryan De Cruz, MD.

Dr. Ramin Fathi, MD

  • Iontophoresis has been around for a while, but Dermadry is making it better and more accessible. I love that it treats the underarms as well. I believe in the product, it’s my go-to solution to treat excessive sweating. My wife is a dermatologist as well and she has also started prescribing Dermadry to her patients. Looking at the machine—it’s a really cool product. I love it.
  • There are some pretty interesting studies being done on iontophoresis,and I think what's nice about is that it is getting more widely recognized as a great treatment option for hyperhidrosis patients—it's safe and very effective. It is a low-risk treatment option that really does work, has a minimal side effect profile, and the benefits can be great.
  • I tell my patients, you should be able to just sit, watch TV, FaceTime with a friend, do whatever during the treatment. And if you have 20 minutes where you're sitting around—perfect time to do Dermadry. It’s really quick and really it doesn't take away from your day to day.
Read our full interview with dermatologist Dr. Ramin Fathi, MD.

Dr. Raj Singh, MD, FACP, FASN

  • In the past, I was not very comfortable with iontophoresis because the devices were clunky, bulky with huge trays, and not very reliable. But with improvements in technology, iontophoresis devices, like Dermadry—they're so compact and so easy to manage. So, I think it's a very good option for treatment of hyperhidrosis. You can do it at home, it's way more affordable, and provides really amazing results. If compliance is good, actually sometimes a hundred percent of hyperhidrosis symptoms go away.
Read our full interview with dermatologist Dr. Raj Singh, MD, FACP, FASN.

Courtney Reichenbach, RN BSN

  • Iontophoresis a fantastic option. I wish more people knew about it and I think getting the word out is great. We've come a long way too in the machines that are out there, especially with Dermadry.
Read our full interview with Courtney Reichenbach, RN BSN