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What’s your sweat level?
Even mild sweating can have a huge impact on your daily life.
We get it, and we want to help!
Moderate sweating can still have a huge impact on your daily life.
We get it, and we want to help!
Severe sweating can have an equally severe impact on your daily life.
We get it, and we want to help!
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Introducing Dermadamp
Excessive hand washing and use of hand sanitizer got your hands too dry? We have the product for that! Introducing Dermadamp!
Apr 01, 20
Dermadry is FDA Cleared and Now Available in the USA!
Freedom from sweat is finally here, Dermadry is FDA cleared and now available in the USA!
Mar 10, 20
Interview with Hyperhidrosis Expert Dr. Antranik Benohanian, MD
We spoke to Dr. Antranik Benohanian, MD, one of the leading medical experts in the diagnosis and treatment of hyperhidrosis worldwide, who has been treating patients since 1978.
Mar 05, 20
Sweat Disorders Explained
How much sweat is too much sweat? Do you sweat enough? Does sweat smell? Why does sweat stain clothing? The answer to these questions and more are answered in our guide to sweat disorders.
Feb 21, 20
Hyperhidrosis, Quality of Life, and Relationships
Hyperhidrosis can put a damper on personal relationships. Read more about the effects excessive sweating can have on day-to-day life and quality of life.
Feb 07, 20
The Best Sweaty Memes
We asked you to make and submit your best sweaty memes, and you delivered! Check out our winning entry below and a selection of our other favourite...
Jan 28, 20
Dermadry is at Arab Health 2020!
Dermadry will be returning to Dubai to showcase their anti-sweat device at Arab Health 2020, the largest healthcare conference in the GCC!
Jan 24, 20
Dear Hyperhidrosis: Cassidy's Story
Dear Hyperhidrosis...Read about Cassidy's lifelong struggle with excessive sweating.
Jan 08, 20
The Sweat FAQs
What do YOU know about sweat? Test your knowledge and learn more about sweat here!
Nov 19, 19
Dermadry At The World Congress of Podiatry
Dermadry will be present at the 2019 FIP World Congress of Podiatry to build and strengthen our relationship with podiatrists worldwide!
Nov 12, 19
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