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What solution treats excessive sweating the best? Is miraDry right for you?

miraDry is a solution for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the underarms. If you’re looking for a solution that treats excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and underarms, discover why Dermadry may be the best option for you.
To better understand what solution is best suited for your needs and lifestyle, check out our miraDry vs. Dermadry comparative chart below.
miraDry treats excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the underarms by delivering electromagnetic energy beneath the underarm skin resulting in thermolysis (decomposition by heat) of the sweat glands.
If you are looking for a more cost-efficient solution, we believe the best option is Dermadry. This treatment uses iontophoresis which works by directing a small current through the skin, effectively neutralizing the connection between the nerves and the sweat glands.

What type of treatment is it?
In-clinic microwave thermolysis
Tap water iontophoresis machine. Watch a Demo.
What zones does it treat?
Underarms only.
Designed for the hands, feet, and underarms.
How effective is it?
Studies show up to an 82% decrease in sweating levels after two sessions.
Very effective! 98.3% success rate in even the most severe cases of hyperhidrosis.
What is the cost?
$2,000-$3,500 per session, on average. Up to 3 sessions are needed.
One time buy US$699.
How long do results last?
Destroys underarm sweat glands, so results are meant to be permanent.
For up to 6 weeks of dryness at a time.
Only available in select clinics in some countries. May require travel time and expense.
Done at-home. Free global shipping.
What are customers saying?
No reviews are available directly on the website, but reviews are generally positive.
More than 1,000 5-star reviews. Read our testimonials here.
Can be Painful
Expensive (up to 10,000 USD)
Needs to be done at a clinic
Only for underarms
Not a lot of reviews
Most cost-efficient solution
Home device
Hands, feet and underarms
More than 1000 5-stars reviews

How does miraDry treat excessive sweating of the underarms?

miraDry uses a technology called microwave thermolysis. This procedure is done with a device that delivers electromagnetic energy beneath the underarm skin resulting in thermolysis (decomposition by heat) of the sweat glands. It can also help eliminate body odour and underarm hair permanently.
Due to it having to be done in a practitioner’s office, the treatment is only available in select cities. The procedure itself is also quite costly, generally costing US$3,000 per treatment session. Some require one treatment session, while many require two or three treatment sessions for satisfactory dryness. The most common side effects are underarm swelling, numbness, redness and soreness.

What is the best option for treating excessive sweating of the underarms?

We believe it’s through iontophoresis because it’s highly effective, affordable and offers long-lasting results. This at-home solution is also needle and drug-free.
It’s especially good for those who had no success with traditional antiperspirants or creams due to its high effectiveness.
Iontophoresis works by directing a small current through the skin, effectively neutralizing the connection between the nerves and the sweat glands. In nearly all cases, this effectively treats excessive sweating.

Why choose Dermadry?

Because it’s an at-home affordable iontophoresis solution that effectively treats excessive sweating of the underarms, as well as the hands and feet.


Dermadry has a high success rate of 98.3% with people who suffer from excessive sweating, and also offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

Trusted and Recommended

Our FDA cleared device is trusted and recommended by dermatologists worldwide because of its effectiveness to reduce sweat.

At-Home Treatment

Our home-use device means that you can effectively treat hyperhidrosis in the comfort of your own home, so there’s no longer a need for costly and time-consuming clinic visits and appointments.


You can get dry with Dermadry through a one-time purchase, or multi-payment options are also available, so that we can satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

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What Doctors are Saying About Dermadry

Thousand of medical professionals in the US and around prescribe Dermadry to treat mild to severe excessive sweating.
Check out a few dermatologists' and specialists' opinion's about Dermadry we've collected recently!

Dr. Hope Mitchell, MD

  • I think it's a fantastic option. I love iontophoresis for my patients who have palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis.
  • It's very easy to use, and I always tell my patients, when you're doing the 15- or 20-minute treatments, you can do it in front of a TV, watch a movie, or read on your computer!
  • I think overall, to me, what's most important is not only to provide safe and effective treatment, like what Dermadry provides, but to educate and empower our patients so that they know that they can achieve dryness, and they can be confident being who they are.
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Dr. Amy Shah, MD

  • I'm so excited about tap water iontophoresis. I think it is something that can change lives and that's why I'm so excited to be talking about things like Dermadry and treatments that use iontophoresis. This is an at-home solution that is simple and easy.
  • You have to be on a regular treatment schedule to really see a difference. And I think that keeping up just like we do with any health habit—having something become a habit and be regular has a huge effect on not only giving us results, but also giving us a sense of routine and increasing our confidence and lowering our anxiety.
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Dr. Robert Strimling, MD

  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis has come a long way in the past 30 years since I began my career in the field of dermatology. Learning about tap water iontophoresis even back during my early days as a dermatologist, I have always found this treatment to be highly successful for most patients. However, in those early years, quality-made and cost-effective devices were not easily found. Thankfully, now iontophoresis is more accessible, with quality devices on the market like Dermadry, which I recommend to my patients looking for a cost-effective treatment that can be done at home.
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Dr. Ryan De Cruz, MD

  • So I've often felt quite sad for these patients because we haven't had treatments that they're able to do at home in the comfort of their own environment, with the frequency that they need. So to have the Dermadry available for them to use and own themselves and run as frequently as they need using something as simple as tap water, I think it's a real groundbreaking treatment that I'm really passionate about promoting to my patients because I'm so confident that it will help them.
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Dr. Ramin Fathi, MD

  • Iontophoresis has been around for a while, but Dermadry is making it better and more accessible. I love that it treats the underarms as well. I believe in the product, it’s my go-to solution to treat excessive sweating. My wife is a dermatologist as well and she has also started prescribing Dermadry to her patients. Looking at the machine—it’s a really cool product. I love it.
  • There are some pretty interesting studies being done on iontophoresis,and I think what's nice about is that it is getting more widely recognized as a great treatment option for hyperhidrosis patients—it's safe and very effective. It is a low-risk treatment option that really does work, has a minimal side effect profile, and the benefits can be great.
  • I tell my patients, you should be able to just sit, watch TV, FaceTime with a friend, do whatever during the treatment. And if you have 20 minutes where you're sitting around—perfect time to do Dermadry. It’s really quick and really it doesn't take away from your day to day.
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Dr. Raj Singh, MD, FACP, FASN

  • In the past, I was not very comfortable with iontophoresis because the devices were clunky, bulky with huge trays, and not very reliable. But with improvements in technology, iontophoresis devices, like Dermadry—they're so compact and so easy to manage. So, I think it's a very good option for treatment of hyperhidrosis. You can do it at home, it's way more affordable, and provides really amazing results. If compliance is good, actually sometimes a hundred percent of hyperhidrosis symptoms go away.
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Courtney Reichenbach, RN BSN

  • Iontophoresis a fantastic option. I wish more people knew about it and I think getting the word out is great. We've come a long way too in the machines that are out there, especially with Dermadry.
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