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1st Anniversary
Happy birthday, Dermadry! Our journey began in October 2018, and since then, we’ve helped thousands of people around the world achieve the dryness they deserve!
As we enter our second year, we are continuously striving towards our goal of raising awareness about hyperhidrosis and iontophoresis treatment. Cheers to another year dedicated to empowering and changing the lives of people around the globe!

One Year of Dryness

Success Stories Winners

To celebrate our first anniversary, we asked our customers to come forward and share their Dermadry story. Participants submitted a photo depicting their Dermadry results and an accompanying caption that answered the question:
“How has Dermadry changed your life?”
Below are the five winners of our contest, who have each received a full refund on the cost of their Dermadry!
Thank you to everyone who participated, we were truly blown away by the incredibly heartwarming submissions we received!

Sara C., Japan
I love theater and wanted to get a job related to the theater in my future, so I took a Faculty of Arts course. It was so exciting that I could learn a lot of things I wanted to know. But my feelings completely changed because of my sweat. Read More
In acting and dance classes, I often had to keep my body in close contact with my peers, and in operas, I had to hold hands together with a partner while singing. I’ve always cared about what people think about my sweat. I thought about my sweat much more than what I was learning in class. I thought I could focus and discover more about the Faculty of Arts if I didn’t have this condition. The anxiety really filled my heart and made me afraid to get involved with people. I asked myself “Do I deserve to follow my dream? ...maybe not.” But at the same time, I realized I couldn't do anything if I ran away from everything because of sweat. I seriously started to look for a solution to make my dream come true, and I found Dermadry. After seeing the results, I can now focus on singing and dancing. I have never thought of being able to immerse myself in what I like so far. I have been suffering from my hyperhidrosis for more than 20 years since I was a child. Using Dermadry, there have been major changes in daily life. Now I can communicate with people very positively which used to be only fear for me. I feel so happy when I touch people even in a little moment like when I get change at a cash register. Dermadry supported me and encouraged me to chase my future dream. [Photo of myself playing the piano. I can play without worrying about my sweat]
Tayler W., United Kingdom
Ever since I can remember I’ve suffered from hyperhidrosis in my hands. As a kid, I had to take paper towels into school exams because my sweaty hands would literally melt though the paper. Shaking hands with people is something I’ve always dreaded; Read More
my sweating was so bad that even wiping my hands on my trousers beforehand didn’t make any difference. I once had someone comment on it before an interview which was mortifying and destroyed my confidence. I was offered iontophoresis through my doctor but that involved traveling quite far into the clinic every day for 2 weeks and I just couldn’t fit it in around my work commitments. Then I discovered Dermadry and I haven’t looked back since! Being able to treat my sweating at home is so convenient and I can honestly say it’s changed my life. I can now freely hold my boyfriend’s hand without feeling self-conscious. I can go into a handshake with confidence. My hands no longer drip and ruin my notes at college. Even the small things like being able to stroke my cat without his fur sticking to me has made such a tremendous difference to my life. Thank you Dermadry!

Learna V., Australia
I had struggled with excessive sweating my entire life, I was hopeless and it caused me so much stress and anxiety. I couldn’t go out to parties or even just coffee dates with friends without having to constantly worry if I was wearing the “right” things that didn’t show my sweat. Read More
It was a never-ending battle. So I went to see my doctor and they suggested botox; which is incredibly expensive and only lasts around 12 months. I was devastated, there would be no way I could afford to pay out thousands of dollars each year. So in my research, I was blessed to find Dermadry! I was nervous to try but thought what the hell, I’ll do anything just to feel “normal”. I’ve been using Dermadry for 2 weeks and I’ll NEVER look back. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever purchased and I’ll 110% recommend it to anyone that asks! The above photo shows what I use to go through on a daily basis, and the bottom photo shows me now! 100% dry! Thank you so much Dermadry, you’ve changed my life!
Felipe C., Canada
I've suffered from hyperhidrosis since my childhood. As a kid, it was really difficult for me to cope with the fact that I couldn't join my friends in children's plays that involved holding hands. I've always felt embarrassed whenever someone accidentally touched my hands or Read More
my feet and was anxious when I knew that I had to shake or hold somebody's hands - I never knew what the other person would think of me. Perhaps that I was disgusting? Or maybe that I didn't wash my hands and that's why they were always sweating? I never knew the answer and this has always made me feel terrible. Growing up in a tropical country and dealing with hyperhidrosis all the time was a challenge. Nobody seemed to understand why I kept sweating all the time. In college, I lost count of how many times people made fun of me because of my sweat stains even in chilly days. This picture figuratively represents my freedom. I finally got rid of my hand towel that accompanied me since kindergarten, as without it, I wouldn't be able to write on paper without making it all wet. Thank you for your help, Dermadry!

Tetyana M., Canada
I wanted to share my story with Dermadry for the one year anniversary! It has been truly a great journey and I have seen a significant difference – so grateful! I have had hands/feet hyperhidrosis ever since I can remember. Read More
I tried creams and Botox injections which did not work. I would be shy to hold and shake hands, get manicures, massages and more. Last year I was preparing for my wedding and paid a fortune for hands’ Botox injections. They were very painful and showed no results. I ended up wearing thick white gloves on my wedding day to be able to shake hands – so dreary and embarrassing. Then I discovered Dermadry through a Facebook ad. Skeptical enough, I ordered it as the last straw. It was a total game-changer! I used it 5 times a week on hands and feet and registered difference fast. I am a living proof now that Dermadry works: able to wear cool shoes, hold and shake hands without fear and anxiety. I can finally tap into the confidence and self-esteem my HR job requires - doing interviews and networking. Thank you so much, Dermadry!

First-Year Milestones