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We often get asked about how you can help spread the word about iontophoresis treatment and Dermadry, so we created a program that makes it easier than ever to do your part in raising awareness and breaking the stigma of excessive sweating.
Our anti-sweat device has helped thousands around the world get their excessive sweating under control from the comfort of their home, and we’re on a mission to help more people achieve the dryness they deserve to excel in every facet of their life.
Whether you’re a satisfied member of the Dermadry community who wants to help us spread the word, or you're new to Dermadry and want to join our community, we're excited to extend an invitation to you to join our Exclusive Affiliate Program.
Are you interested in joining us? Great! Here’s how it works:
We give you a unique link to share with your friends, family, and community. You can share it any way you choose, including in-person, online (support groups, forums, etc.), and on social media!
To join or learn more, simply fill out the form below or contact us! We're excited to discuss the benefits of our program and answer any questions you might have.
Let’s collaborate to spread the word and offer solutions to those affected by excessive sweating!

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