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Dear Santa,

- Wendy H. —
You are getting a Dermadry Total for Christmas!
This holiday season, we are making Wendy’s wish come true and checking Dermadry off her Christmas wishlist!
We were blown away by the creativity of her poem, which details her experience with hyperhidrosis and how she thinks that Dermadry will help her going forward!

Here is her Dear Santa letter…

Dear Santa,
This Christmas I want a Dermadry because
even writing this letter to you brings on a sweat,
a pool you could bring me, now that's a sure bet,
a saltwater one, or a clam pool would do
would beat sitting in a pool of my own body's drool.
To dance with a partner and fancy feet it across the floor
to spin, to jive and to twist would be great that's for sure
instead there's a slipped hand grip, and a look of sheer terror
that has me spinning out the door and lost forever and ever
Now a handshake would be great without the anxiety that comes
When a hand is extended I am ready to run
The look a despair as the greeter looks at his hand
when the handsake is done and the moisture is grande
I am sure that they think there must've been a bathroom visit
After washing your hands there's air driers "my dear how'd you miss it?"
To write something down makes a 4 year old proud
as at the end of the page there's a shriek that's so loud
what happened to my efforts there's an inkblot display
my sweat has morphed words where once was an essay
Dermadry is my light at the end of this tunnel
Please Santa please help me out of this muddle
The 'eewwws' and the 'yucks' there'll be no more
And I'll be the one spinning my dance partner out of the door.
So as you can see this and more is my dilemma
I've been really good this year, Santa can you deliver!
Wendy 🎅
Hope you like the cookies this year, 🍪
they're not as moist you will find
I wore gloves to roll the batter, you see Santa,
and added extra choc chips just to be kind. 👩‍🍳
Wendy will receive her Dermadry in time to unwrap the gift of dryness this holiday season!
Thank you to everyone who submitted their letter to Santa, we enjoyed reading all your carefully crafted letters!