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Dermadry Giveaway for Healthcare Professionals

The Winners!
Meet the winners of our Dermadry giveaway for healthcare workers below!
Thank you to everyone who submitted their entry and shared their story with us. The winners will each be receiving a Dermadry Total to treat their excessive sweating so they can get hyperhidrosis off their minds and focus on the things that matter!

Tan, Malaysia
I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since I was a kid and it has led me to a lot of social awkwardness. Read More
This condition got me even worse when I am practicing in the clinic, as I am a dentist I am required to put on gloves for obvious reasons.
Sometimes when days are good, putting on gloves are a breeze, but most of the time, it is a very awkward situation. Especially having to put on gloves on sweaty hands in front of the patient. I remember back in my dental school days, it was a nightmare when the supervisors were looking and waiting for you to put on your gloves, and in the end it got worse!
Kevin, Canada
I volunteer in a hospital with Ronald McDonald House Charities, helping families of sick children. Read More
I'm often distracted by excessive sweating, and even though I'm always smiling, my hyperhidrosis often distracts me from living in the present moment.
Rose, Saudi Arabia
Hyperhidrosis makes me feel uncomfortable and itchy in every procedure, knowing my hands and entire body are sweating, Read More
which is only made worse being in complete PPE to protect yourself from COVID-19. I’m always struggling to change gloves because of too much sweat and the next patient is always waiting.
Louise, United Kingdom
Technically I can fit into a XS glove, however, I have to wear medium to large due to sweating and even so it's still a struggle! Read More
Everytime I take off the gloves, I am embarrassed due to how much water drips down my arm. It also causes sore skin as it leaves my skin fragile to hand washing. My underarms, hands and feet are always sweating. it's embarrassing but no one would understand unless they suffer from it too! The photo shows my hand on a daily basis so imagine when I'm wearing gloves!
This is my underarm after getting home from the hospital. Thankfully the white coat hides the sweat Read More
but the uncomfortable feeling is still there making me anxious.


We gave away 5 Dermadry® Totals (value of $499) to five lucky winners! Winning entries were randomly selected among all the entries we received. Thank you to all participants!