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Scholarship 2019


And the winner is ...

Les votes sont clos et nous vous remercions pour votre forte mobilisation ! Plus de 3716 votes ont été enregistrés !
Avec 28 % des votes, c'est Jaiden qui remporte le prix Dermadry® Scholarship 2019 et gagne ainsi 1000$ + une Dermadry® Total.
Félicitations à
- Jaiden —
Merci à tous les candidats pour leur participation, et aux internautes qui ont voté et fait le succès de cette première édition du Dermadry® Scholarship.

Une suprise pour nos 10 finalistes

Pour vous remercier de votre participation et votre engouement, chacun de nos 10 finalistes recevra gratuitement une Dermadry® Total, d'une valeur de 349$.
Pour tous les autres participants, vous bénéficierez d'une remise exceptionnelle de 100$.
BRAVO à tous & MERCI pour l'effort que vous avez fourni...
L'équipe Dermadry®

Our 10 finalists

Decide who will receive the $1000 USD scholarship and a Dermadry Total!
Watch the 10 finalists’ videos, and vote for your favorite! The entry with the most votes on August 30th at 12:00 PM EST will be awarded the scholarship and the device.
1- Stephanie
2- Luisa
3- Jaiden
4- Andy
5- Alessia
6- Kurren
7- Andrea
8- Priscilla
9- Saad
10- Samuel

Result of the votes

Ready to vote? Simply select your favorite entry and cast your vote by clicking “I Vote for this Student”!
Dermadry Scholarship 2019
#1 Stephanie
#2 Luisa
#3 Jaiden
#4 Andy
#5 Alessia
#6 Kurren
#7 Andrea
#8 Priscilla
#9 Saad
#10 Samuel
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Win $1,000 + Dermadry Total

Dermadry is giving away a $1,000 USD scholarship and a Dermadry Total device to one sweaty student!

Dermadry Scholarship 2019
Record a video of yourself talking about your hyperhidrosis story and how excessive sweating has affected your daily life as a student. Submit your video and application below and you could win $1000 scholarship and Dermadry Total!
Be creative! You can talk, dance, sing, act, or do anything in your video that showcases your individuality!

We know that being a student with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is extremely challenging Whether you’re constantly sweating through your school uniform, shying away from social activities, or ruining books, papers, and technology tools because of your sweaty hands, it’s hard to ignore the effects hyperhidrosis can have on student life. It can also lead to an increase in stress levels, anxiety, isolation, and bullying.

Make a video


Win $1000
This is why we want you to share your story with us! We want to de-stigmatize hyperhidrosis, and we need your help! We’re holding a video scholarship contest that will encourage students to come forward and share their hyperhidrosis story by creating a video that explores the impacts hyperhidrosis has on their studies and daily life.

Who is eligible?
Students all over the globe over the age of 18.
Where do I submit my video?
Once you’ve completed your video, upload it to YouTube or your Google Drive/Dropbox and include the link in the application below. Alternatively, you can also email the video directly to us at scholarship@dermadry,com via WeTransfer. In both cases, you MUST fill and submit the application below.
How will the winner be determined?
We will select the finalists, and then will ask the public to vote on their favorite!

*Please view, read, and understand all the contest rules before submitting. Submissions close on August 21st, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.

Application Form

Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Email Address

Video Submission

Send through WeTransfer
  • Go to WeTransfer
  • Upload your video file and send it to scholarship@dermadry.com
Link to Your Video (YouTube or Google Drive/Dropbox)

Thank you for your submission, we look forward to watching your video! If you have any questions, please contact us at scholarship@dermadry.com 🙂