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Submit Your Best Sweaty Meme to Win a Dermadry Machine + $500!
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Sweaty Meme Competition

Submit Your Best Sweaty Meme to Win a Dermadry Machine + US $500!

Create a hyperhidrosis/sweat-related meme and share it on social media by tagging us @dermadry and using #SweatyMemes and #Hyperhidrosis a chance to win!

There will be a total of FIVE winners! The grand prize is a Dermadry® Total device (US $499 value) + US $500! Four runner-ups will also each win a Dermadry Total device!
We’re back with our second edition of our Sweaty Memes competition!

Hyperhidrosis is a daily challenge whose effects are wide-ranging and life-impacting. It can make little things people take for granted (such as wearing sandals, holding your partner’s hand, and wearing the clothing of your choice) exceedingly difficult, but the condition remains seldom spoken about.

For our first giveaway competition of the year, and in light of Sweat-Free January, we want to raise awareness of the daily challenges hyperhidrosis sufferers face in an unconventional and lighthearted way!

We’re asking interested participants to create relatable content in a meme format that reflects shared experiences in the hyperhidrosis community! Our team of sweat experts will pick the winners based on relatability, humour, creativity, and originality—so your challenge is to make our team laugh! We will feature our favourites in a gallery on our website.

How to Participate:

  1. Create your meme! It can be in a photo or video format. You can also use a meme generator (such as ONE) to create your meme!
  2. Post your meme on the social media platform of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, etc.).
  3. Tag @dermadry in your post and use the hashtags #SweatyMemes, and #Hyperhidrosis!
  4. Send us a link to your post to contests@dermadry.com to ensure that we see it!
Complete those steps, and you’ll be entered in our 2021 edition of Dermadry’s Sweaty Memes competition!

Important Note:
Please ensure that your profile is set to public or the privacy settings for that post are set to ‘public’ so that we can see your post and it appears in the hashtags. If you cannot change your privacy settings or are posting it on a platform that doesn’t support hashtags, please email contests@dermadry.com with a screenshot and link to your post to ensure we receive your submission.
In all cases, we strongly suggest that you send a link to your post to contests@dermadry.com to ensure that we receive it!

* The contest ends on January 31st at 11:59 PM EST. Please read full contest rules HERE before submitting your meme. Good luck!
Contest Rules - Dermadry® Sweaty Memes

Name of Contest: Dermadry’s 2021 Sweaty Memes Competition

The Contest: Entrants will create a meme related to hyperhidrosis/sweat and share it publicly on the social media platform of their choice (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit).

Eligibility: Contest is open globally to all countries we can ship to. If you have questions regarding whether we can ship to your country, please visit our website or email support@dermadry.com.

Dates: The contest begins on January 18th, 2021. All entries must be submitted by January 31st 2021, 11:59 PM EST.

Prize: 1 grand prize winner will be awarded a Dermadry Total (valued at $499 US) + US $500 (cash). 4 runner-ups will win one Dermadry Total (valued at $499 US) each.

Submission of Content: Content must be posted on social media with the hashtags #SweatyMemes and #Dermadry. Additionally, a link to the original post should be sent to contests@dermadry.com, and must be sent in the case that the account is private, or the platform does not support hashtags.

Judging: The winner will be chosen based on the votes of 8 members of the Dermadry Team. Entries will be judged on originality, creativity, relatability, and humour.

Winning Entry: The winner will be contacted directly via email. The winning entry will be announced via email and shared publicly on Dermadry’s website, and social media platforms.

Ownership of Videos and Right to Use: Entrants own all rights to their entries, but Dermadry reserves the right to share, reproduce, distribute, or exhibit all entries (text and photo) for promotional purposes on its website, publications, social media channels, and media outlets.

Copyrights: Submissions must not use copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder. Submissions containing copyrighted material used without permission will not be eligible for prizes. Please note that memes generally fall under the “Fair Use” category.

General: Dermadry may disqualify any entry that fosters racial, religious, or sexual prejudice, promotes sexual exploitation or illegal behavior, violates these rules, or is inappropriate, in the judgment of Dermadry. Employees of Dermadry and immediate family and individuals residing at the same address are not eligible to enter the contest.

Acceptance of Rules: By entering the contest, entrants give their full and unconditional agreement to these Rules.

Questions: Questions about these rules may be directed to contests@dermadry.com.