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What’s your sweat level?
Even mild sweating can have a huge impact on your daily life.
We get it, and we want to help!
Moderate sweating can still have a huge impact on your daily life.
We get it, and we want to help!
Severe sweating can have an equally severe impact on your daily life.
We get it, and we want to help!
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And the World’s Sweatiest Person is…

- Yan Yu! —
World’s Sweatiest Person
Congratulations! Read what they had to say and watch the videos below to get a real glimpse into the life of someone who suffers from hyperhidrosis, and why we crowned Yan Yu as the World’s Sweatiest Person.
Yan Yu's Hands
Yan Yu's Feet


Yan Yu wins a Dermadry® Total (valued at $349 US) to treat their excessive sweating, as well as $500 US to go towards their new sweat-free life!
The Dermadry® Team
Thank you to all participants for sharing your hyperhidrosis story. Together we continue to destigmatize sweating and raise awareness about hyperhidrosis!

Here is what Yan Yu had to say:

Why do you think you are the sweatiest person in the world?

I think these videos definitely prove that I'm the sweatiest person in the world. When it is hot and I’m nervous, I cannot stop sweating from my hands, feet, and even underarms. The sweat just keeps dripping and I cannot find somebody else like me. No matter how many tissues I use to wipe the sweat away, the sweat just keeps coming back.

How would a newly sweat-free you spend the $500 prize?

If I won the $500 prize, I would use it to buy a lot of new shoes! I cannot live without socks because of my excessive sweating, so I'd love to buy open-toed shoes and wear them without having to worry about my sweaty feet. I want to try sandals but my feet just won't stop sweating. I would also spend the prize money to buy a guitar as I love music but I can't play it because of my sweaty hands, and that makes me really sad. I really hope to win the prize as I think Dermadry can really change my life.