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World’s Sweatiest Person

Dermadry is looking for the world’s sweatiest person… could it be you or someone you know?

Well, if so you could win a Dermadry Total (valued at $349 USD) to treat your excessive sweating + $500 USD spending cash to go towards your new sweat-free life!
World’s Sweatiest Person
Are you the sweatiest person in the world?
Prove it and tell us why, and we’ll help you get dry! We want to know why you think you’re the sweatiest person in the world and how $500 would help you kickstart your newly sweat-free life!
Be creative, we will be judging and selecting the winner based on originality, authenticity, and quality.

November is Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month, an annual event dedicated to shining a light on the common but seldom-spoken-about medical condition.
This year, we have decided to take a fun approach to further our mission of destigmatizing and spreading awareness about excessive sweating by launching our quest to find the world’s sweatiest person!

How can you enter?


1. A photo(s) OR a video(s) showing why you are the “sweatiest person in the world”.
2. A short text (max. 200 words) answering BOTH of the following questions:
- Why do you think you are the sweatiest person in the world?
- How would a newly sweat-free you spend the $500 prize?
Email your submission* directly to contests@dermadry.com. Upload the photo(s) or video(s) as an attachment (if the video file is too large, send it via WeTransfer) and copy/paste your text submission directly into the email body.

* By submitting, you agree to have read, understood, and agreed to the contest rules, which can be viewed here.
You also agree to let Dermadry use your first name and feature the entirety of your submission on its website and social media platforms.

Let us explain...

Everyone sweats, but some sweat more than others. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating that affects nearly 5% of the global population, so when we say you’re not alone, we really mean it. There’s no need to be ashamed of sweating, but we understand that sweating excessively can take a physical, emotional, and mental toll on a person. In fact, hyperhidrosis is known to severely negatively impact the quality of life and general wellbeing of its sufferers, which is why we developed an anti-sweat device to help those affected by the condition and offer them some relief in the form of comfort and dryness.

Part of our mission is to destigmatize and normalize the topic of sweating, which is why we are launching this contest to find the “world’s sweatiest person”. Truth is, it’s pretty impossible to measure. No matter how little or how much you sweat, it impacts everyone differently, so we’re not looking to find who is objectively the sweatiest person, but rather have people from all over the world come forward, share their story, and talk about sweat!

The contest ends on November 22, 2019, at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be announced on November 26, 2019.
For eligibility requirements and additional information please read the full contest rules here.
Contest Rules - Dermadry World’s Sweatiest Person

Name of Contest: World’s Sweatiest Person

The Contest: Entrants will submit a photo or video depicting why they think they are the sweatiest person in the world. A caption (max. 200 words) answering the questions “Why do you think you’re the sweatiest person in the world?” and “How would a newly sweat-free you spend the $500 prize?” will also be submitted.

Eligibility: Contest is open globally. Entrants must be a minimum of 18 years of age. No purchase necessary, the winner may be subject to a skill-testing question.

Dates: The contest begins on November 6, 2019. All entries must be submitted in digital format before November 22nd, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be announced on November 26, 2019, at 12:00 PM EST.

Prize: One winner will be awarded a Dermadry Total (valued at $449) and $500 spending cash.

Submission of Content: Content must be sent directly to contests@dermadry.com (via WeTransfer in the case of a large file).

Equipment: Videos and photos may be produced on any equipment available to the entrant, including cell phones and video cameras.

Creativity: Be creative! Share your story, show and tell us how sweat has impacted your life and how a newly sweat-free you would spend the $500!

Judging: The winner will be chosen based on the votes of an 8-member panel consisting of Dermadry employees. Entries will be judged on originality, authenticity, emotion, and quality.

Winning Entry: The winner will be contacted directly via email. The winning entry will be announced via email and shared publicly on Dermadry’s website, and social media platforms.

Ownership of Videos and Right to Use: Entrants own all rights to their entries, but Dermadry reserves the right to share, reproduce, distribute, or exhibit all entries (text, photo, and video) for promotional purposes on its website, publications, social media channels, and media outlets. Only first names will be used for confidentiality purposes.

Copyrights: Videos must not use copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder. Submissions containing copyrighted material used without permission will not be eligible for prizes.

General: Dermadry may disqualify any entry that fosters racial, religious, or sexual prejudice, promotes sexual exploitation or illegal behavior, violates these rules, or is inappropriate, in the judgment of Dermadry. Employees of Dermadry and immediate family and individuals residing at the same address are not eligible to enter the contest. Any litigation respecting the conduct or organization of a publicity contest may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux for a ruling. Any litigation respecting the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the purpose of helping the parties reach a settlement.

Consent: By submitting, entrants consent to receive emails from Dermadry regarding the contest and consent to being subscribed to Dermadry’s newsletter. Dermadry’s privacy policy can be viewed here.

Acceptance of Rules: By entering the contest, entrants give their full and unconditional agreement to these Rules.

Questions: Questions about these rules may be directed to contests@dermadry.com.