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The Iontophoresis Machine Trusted by Dermatologists

Dermadry® is my go-to solution to treat excessive sweating for my patients.
Dr. Ramin Fathi, MD, FAAD,
Board-certified Dermatologist
Customer Reviews
4.7 /5
Based on 686 reviews
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  • «Please give it a try!»
    I’m 34 and cannot believe I finally found something that works after trying creams, sprays, driclor, compound treatments and tablets!
    I understand it may not work for everyone but I now work as a Disability Support Worker which is very hands on and am totally confident in touching people.
    Karyn, US
  • «Amazing results!!!»
    Ive suffered with excessive underarm sweat since I was in middle and tried everything there was in the market..literally EVERYTHING till I came upon this item and was a little doubtful about its efficiency but I still decided to try it out after a couple of weeks I noticed very drastic results I definitely recommend this machine
    Grisselle, US
  • «It is like a magic»
    My hyperhydrosis was very severe and I was kinda giving up this symptom. Dermadry saved me from the darkest days and made it brighter. My life has changed completely by Dermadry. I still cannot believe that I am writing this review with my hands without drops of sweat. I strongly recommend this for those who have the same issue as myself!
    Kim, JP
  • «THE BEST solution out there»
    I have tried multiple treatments for my excessive palmar hyperhydrosis ranging from Drysol to very painful injections in my hands. Desmadry was the solution I was looking for and I am extremely grateful. The customer service was amazing, the delivery was very prompt as well. I would HIGHLY recommend it.
    Luis, CA
  • «The Only Things That Works!»
    Before discovering the DermaDry machine I'd tried many things to deal with with my sweaty hands/feet and I was always disappointed in the minimal results I would obtain. However, after discovering and using the DermaDry for a couple of weeks now I can confidently say that it's very effective and has had a massive effect. I was doubtful before purchasing but trust me when I say that the results are worth it!
    Ajay, NZ