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Dermadry® BLOG

Dear Sweaty Santa: Dermadry's Holiday Giveaway

By Sam Nardi / 2021 Dec 6th
Dermadry Team

Win a Dermadry + $500 Spending Cash for the Holidays!

Is Dermadry on your Christmas wishlist this year? Send us a letter addressed to Santa explaining why you want Dermadry for Christmas, and you could win a Dermadry Total and $500 spending cash for the holidays!

We know that Dermadry is on a lot of Christmas wish lists this year, and many of us could use a little extra spending cash for the holidays, so this year, we’re spreading the holiday cheer by doing two holiday giveaways to give back to our community! Here are the prizes to be won:

  • Grand Prize: 1 Dermadry Total + $500
  • Runner-Up Prize: 1 Dermadry Total

How to Enter to Win our Grand Prize:

  • Step 1: Write a “Dear Santa” letter telling us why you want a Dermadry this Christmas. Your letter should start with the words:
Dear sweaty Santa, this Christmas I want a Dermadry because…
  • Step 2: Share your entry on the social media platform of your choice (e.g. a TikTok video, Instagram post, YouTube video, etc.). Be as creative as possible in your post. Make sure Santa knows why you deserve this prize! Please use #DearSweatySanta and tag @dermadry in your entry.

Complete these two steps and submit your entry at the form below to be entered into our giveaway for a Dermadry Total and $500!

Our favourite entry will be selected by our team and awarded the grand prize!


Runner-Up Prize

Don’t want to share on social media? You can still enter to win our runner-up prize of 1 Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine! Simply submit your Dear Sweaty Santa letter and we will pick our favourite letter and award them a Dermadry Total. Please submit your entry on the same form above, just leave the social media link empty.

Tips for Your Entry:

  • In your letter, you can talk about your hyperhidrosis story, why you want to try Dermadry, how it can help you achieve your sweat-free new year’s resolution, etc! There are no guidelines nor word limits—just let your creativity guide you!
  • Santa and his Dermadry helpers will be reading through all the letters and picking their favourite, so be sure to add your own unique twist to make your letter stand out from the rest! Every day, we will be reading a letter on our TikTok and Instagram @dermadry, so be sure to follow us!
  • In your social media entry, you can record a video of yourself reading your letter, show us some photos or video of what it’s like to live with hyperhidrosis and why you want a Dermadry. The North Pole’s the limit!

Santa is patiently awaiting all your letters and videos! Our deadline for submissions is Sunday, December 19th at 11:59 PM EST! Please consult our contest rules before submitting your entry.

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