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My Hyperhidrosis Story: Dani's Experience

By Sam Nardi / 2019 Sep 26th
Dermadry Team

We reached out to some members of the Dermadry community and asked them about their hyperhidrosis story and their Dermadry journey. Below is Sara's hyperhidrosis story!

Meet Dani!

Dani recently purchased Dermadry, after trying countless other treatments for hyperhidrosis. In her review on our website, she said Dermadry gave her a new lease on life. Read on to hear about her work-related struggles and how Dermadry helped her kickstart a new career path!

How has hyperhidrosis affected your life?

Very negatively. I’ve had hyperhidrosis since I was 4 and I think I would have been a different person growing up and generally have a different personality without it. It made me extremely shy and reserved and affected a lot of big decisions I’ve made in my life.

For example, it affected my career path. For 12 years I worked as a greeter at a retail store because I didn’t have to directly be in contact with anyone. Later on, I got a job opportunity that would require me to work hands-on with the public as a licensed hearing aid dispenser. Originally I thought I would have to turn it down because of my sweaty hands, but then I found Dermadry.

What is your hyperhidrosis profile (what zones do you sweat from and what is your level: mild, moderate or severe)? Also, would you mind sharing your treatment schedule with us?

I have very severe hyperhidrosis on my hands and feet. I tried everything including botulinum toxin (Botox) injections, medications, and acupuncture, but absolutely nothing worked for me.

When I first got Dermadry my treatment schedule was very frequent, I had trouble sticking to the schedule at first, and sometimes got discouraged. But I dedicated myself to it and did a lot of treatments, and then suddenly, I was dry! I couldn’t believe it. Now I only have to do one treatment every couple of weeks to maintain my dryness.

How did you first hear of iontophoresis as a treatment option for excessive sweating? Were you skeptical to try it out?

I heard about Dermadry's iontophoresis machine online and searched for some reviews on YouTube. I was very skeptical because I had tried so many things before and had no luck with them. I was also skeptical because the reviews almost seemed too good to be true. However, I found a discount code and decided to give it a shot and it absolutely changed my life.

In your review, you said that Dermadry gave you a new lease on life. Can you please elaborate (or give us an example)? How has Dermadry changed your life?

It allowed me to change job and be confident when working with people. I was so embarrassed about my sweaty hands and didn’t want to work a job where I had to make social contact, but Dermadry gave me the confidence to do so. I can also wear sandals now, and I could never wear them before.

I am also more confident in social situations. My sweaty hands (and my feet to a lesser extent) kept me from totally enjoying myself around friends and in social situations because I would be scared people would notice. Now I am definitely more outgoing and confident in my daily life.

Dermadry truly changed my life, I generally never write reviews but I absolutely had to write about this because it really helped treat my hyperhidrosis. No one should have to suffer, and I am so glad I found Dermadry.