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Dermadry Review: Natalie Loves Beauty

By Sam Nardi / 2019 Apr 2nd
Dermadry Team

A lot of people ask us about how effective Dermadry is. As we truly value all of our customers, we want you to feel confident about your purchase. Iontophoresis is a clinically-proven way to significantly reduce sweat levels and is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for hyperhidrosis!

But you don't have to take our word for it—see what some of our customers have to say about our device! We’ll be sharing some of our favorite customer reviews with you on The Daily Drip!

We recently reached out to Canadian blogger Natalie Loves Beauty to do a review of Dermadry Total! Here is what she had to say. You can read her full Dermadry review on her blog, or watch the video and read the transcription below!

Hi, and welcome to my channel. I have a confession to make, and honestly, it's kind of embarrassing, but I'm doing this video in hopes that it might help others who are suffering from the same condition. And the condition I'm talking about is excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating is actually more common than you might think, it affects approximately 20% of the population. I know I'm not on my own dealing with this. It's very normal for you to sweat, it's a natural body function, it helps regulate your body temperature and keep you cool, so it's perfectly normal to be sweating after an intensive workout, or when you're outside on a hot summer day.

It does start becoming an inconvenience when you start experiencing excessive sweating when you are at rest, not physically exerting yourself, or going through a stressful situation, where you would normally sweat. The main areas where you may experience excessive sweating are your underarms, your hands, or your feet.

There are a few solutions to excessive sweating, and throughout the years, and through my research, I have tried getting prescription antiperspirant, which did not work that well. Other more invasive solutions, I would say, are getting Botox injections, and you can even get surgery to help neutralize your sweat glands, but that's something I personally don't see myself going forward with because that would be kind of scary to go through.

And there is a much safer solution to this problem, and that is using an iontophoresis device!

At-home iontophoresis device

For this video, I am partnering with Dermadry, and I'm going to be taking you through my iontophoresis device use journey. This is something I have been using for the past few weeks, and I'm really excited to be sharing the results with you, and I'll also be taking you through the advantages of using an iontophoresis device. And I'll also be showing you how I actually use it. Dermadry makes three different devices. They have one specifically for hands and feet, one specifically for just the underarms, and one that is called Dermadry Total, which treats all three areas, and that's the one I'm going to be reviewing for you today.

I personally experienced excessive sweating in my underarms and on my hands. My hyperhidrosis, I would say, is mild to moderate. A good way to know the severity of your hyperhidrosis is to look at how much you are actually sweating. I could be at rest, and I can feel my hands being quite moist, same with my underarms. Moderate hyperhidrosis is when you have pearls of sweat forming in those areas, and more severe hyperhidrosis is when the sweat actually drips.

The technology behind iontophoresis is actually quite simple and brilliant, it uses tap water to deliver an electromagnetic current through your skin surface, and then that turns off your sweat glands. Studies have shown that this treatment is very effective with regular treatments. So, when you first start using the device, you will have to use it between three to five times a week for a couple of weeks, and that depends on the severity of your hyperhidrosis. And that is called your initial treatment phase.

Once you have completed that phase, you go through a maintenance phase which is, when you will upkeep your treatment, you’ll do them less often but do them every few weeks. And, again, that depends on your hyperhidrosis severity.

As I mentioned the results are not immediate, but you can start seeing results after about two weeks, and depending again on your severity, you can go up to six weeks. I personally started seeing results after the two-week mark.

A look inside the Dermadry Total box

The Dermadry Total box comes with a case which holds everything you need for your treatment, except for water. The case is made out of plastic, and you can actually split it in two and use it for your hand and feet treatments. Then you also get your controller, you get two hands and feet electrodes, and two underarm electrodes. You also get two towels, which you place on top of the electrodes for your hands and feet, as well as two pairs of underarm pockets, which you insert the underarm electrodes into.

The case also comes with two cables which connect the electrodes to the controller, and then you also get a plug adapter which connects your controller to a power output. And then, of course, you get your handy instructions manual, which is super important to read before you start using the device.

What's really great is that the settings on the controller are programmed for each profile. For example, for your underarms, the timer is set to 15 minutes, and the strength will gradually increase as you activate the device. But if you desire, you can also increase the stream to yourself.

For the hands and feet, the treatment time is 20 minutes. Again, it is programmed, so you don't really have to change anything, but if you find that your body can tolerate a higher current strength, you can, of course, increase it. A great safety feature too is that if you remove your underarm pockets or remove your hands or feet from the towel that covers the electrodes, the device will automatically pause, and if you put your electrodes back under your arms or put your hands and feedback on your electrodes, the device will automatically resume, and will gradually increase the current strength, so you won't get like electrocuted.

I also want to mention that the device is very safe to use. It's certified by Health Canada, it is recommended by dermatologists, and the device is very high quality. It is considered a medical device, and it is made in Canada. You do get a one-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.

There are some contraindications if you suffer from certain health conditions that you should check with your health professional first if this device is a good solution for you. There are some side effects that you might experience, it might feel a bit of tingling, which I primarily have experienced in my hands, not so much my underarms or my feet. And, again, this feeling is temporary, so I only feel this when I'm using the device, and after that, I don't feel the tingling sensation anymore.

You might also find out that your skin reddens a bit after treatment, which is not something I personally experienced. And also important is to make sure that your towels and pockets are covering the electrode as well. Also, don't get discouraged if, after a few treatments, you find out that you're actually sweating more, this may actually happen. And once your body adjusts to the treatments, you will start seeing that your excessive sweating is being lessened.

For an underarm treatment, basically what you have to do is get a glass of water and soak your underarm pockets in it, then you have to squeeze out any excess water. You slip your electrodes in, then you will plug your cable on each end of the electrode into your controller, and then plug your controller into the wall.

Treatment for underarm hyperhidrosis by iontophoresis

What's really great is that the settings on the controller are programmed for each profile, so for example, for your underarms, the timer is set to 15 minutes, and the strength will gradually increase as you activate the device, but if you desire you can also increase the stream to yourself. Once you place the pockets under your arms, the device will start delivering the current. For the hands and feet, you can split your casing to get two trays. So, for your hands, you can place the tray on a table, and for your feet, you basically place the tray on the floor. And then you will place the two electrode plates at the very bottom, and place the towels on top to cover them. Then, you will pour water on each towel so that they are soaked, and then, basically, again, you will plug those two cables into the front of the plates and plug your controller in. Then, you can activate your device, like the profile. Again, you choose hands or feet.

Then, you can set the current level if desired, and then, your device is ready to be used, so you can simply place your hands and feet on the towels.
Again, as I mentioned, it is a process, so you won't get quick results just like this, it is something you have to commit to weekly, especially at the beginning.

I've been using the device for the past six weeks, and I started noticing my excessive sweating significantly decreasing after the two-week mark, and I've been upkeeping my treatments every other week since then. I can honestly say that I basically don't have this issue anymore, it's actually kind of incredible. I used to wake up and have palmar hands, or be sitting and not doing anything strenuous, and have sweaty underarms, and that's not the case anymore.

Treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis by iontophoresis

Something that's really funny is that I never really needed hand cream because my hands are never particularly dry, because, again, they would often be quite moist, and now I have to use hand cream because my hands are more dry. And that's something to keep in mind - you will need to moisturize after the treatments.

The Dermadry Total is definitely an investment, but when you take into consideration that you don't have to pay or shell out thousands of dollars for clinic treatments or go through something more painful such as Botox or surgery, meaning this treatment is not invasive, it's drug-free, it's pain-free. I think this is really the best solution, and from my research is the most effective one, long-term as well.

Treatment of plantar hyperhidrosis by iontophoresis

The Dermadry Total retails for approximately $462 Canadian, or $349 American. And international shipping is available, and it is free, which is awesome.

This device has been life-changing. It is more of like a silent condition, so it's not something that can be visible to other people but it can be debilitating in some ways because it is an embarrassing thing to have to deal with.

If you're someone who deals with hyperhidrosis, or you know someone who deals with it, I hope this video was helpful and fully it will help you make an informed decision as to whether an iontophoresis device is the right solution for you.

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