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Dermadry® BLOG

Sweating Your Way to Success: The Dermadry Scholarship for Hyperhidrosis Students

By Sam Nardi 2023 Aug 3rd
Dermadry Team

Dermadry has returned for the fifth consecutive year with their Hyperhidrosis Scholarship. This competition welcomes students across the globe who are grappling with hyperhidrosis. This medical condition, which is defined by excessive perspiration, impacts an estimated 5% of the global population.

Hyperhidrosis presents a distinctive array of obstacles for students, substantially influencing their quality of life and hindering their capacity to perform daily routines and academic tasks. The persistent sweating through school uniforms, aversion to social engagements, and the battle to write on paper and laptops due to sweaty hands are among these difficulties. Additionally, it can exacerbate stress and anxiety, potentially leading to feelings of isolation and instances of bullying. Our goal is to eradicate the societal stigmatization surrounding excessive sweating and promote open conversations about hyperhidrosis! This is precisely why we're inviting you to share your journey with us! Assist us in heightening awareness around hyperhidrosis and diminishing the stigma attached to excessive sweating! We're urging students to step up and narrate their experience with hyperhidrosis by crafting a video that delves into how this condition influences their academics and everyday life.

The Dermadry Hyperhidrosis Scholarship

Launched in 2019, Dermadry’s Hyperhidrosis Scholarship is the first and only of its kind, that is a scholarship exclusively for students with hyperhidrosis.
Every year, Dermadry encourages students to come forward and share their hyperhidrosis story by creating a video that explores the impact hyperhidrosis has on their studies and daily life. Then, the scholarship is granted to a lucky winner to help with the extra costs incurred from being a student who suffers from excessive sweating.
Browse through past entries from our finalists and winners of the Dermadry Hyperhidrosis Scholarship!

Prize and Submissions

Dermadry is asking students to record themselves discussing their experience with hyperhidrosis, and how it impacts their studies and everyday life. Applicants must submit their application form at this link. Submissions open on August 2nd and close on August 20th at 11:59 PM EDT.
This competition propels Dermadry's objective of dismantling the stigma surrounding excessive perspiration and augmenting the discourse about hyperhidrosis, a prevalent but rarely discussed condition. We invite all candidates aged 18 and above, who are currently engaged in a post-secondary education program, to step forward and recount their experiences. The scholarship is open to students worldwide who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary educational program. Apart from the prestigious 1st Prize of $2000 USD, there are other enticing rewards to be won. The 2nd Prize amounts to $1000 USD, while the 3rd Prize offers $500 USD. The top 3 winners will also each receive a Dermadry Total. As a special incentive, the seven runner-ups will each receive a Dermadry Total to help them during their academic journey.
With Dermadry, each participant is a victor! Every applicant will be rewarded with an exclusive discount code, granting them a remarkable 70% reduction on their Dermadry order!


A total of 10 finalists will be selected. 5 finalists will be selected by Dermadry based on authenticity, originality, creativity, relatability, and subject matter. The other 5 finalists will be reserved for those who use their platform to help us raise awareness of hyperhidrosis! These spots will be reserved for those with the most engagement on their post about the scholarship on the following platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
The winner will be up to public vote! Voting for the winner begins on August 23rd and ends on August 29th. We encourage all to view the entries and vote for your favorite!
The contest is open worldwide and entries are welcome in all languages. Dermadry encourages all applicants to be creative! Share your story, write a song, make an animation or create anything that showcases your creativity and individuality.

Click here for more information and to submit your entry!

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