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​Iontophoresis: The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Antiperspirants

By Sam Nardi / 2022 Apr 22nd
Dermadry Team

Eco-Friendly Antiperspirants?

Have you ever wondered about the environmental impact of everyday personal care items? Products such as deodorants and antiperspirants have become an essential part of everyday personal care for many. While some eco-friendly options exist with recyclable, reusable, and/or biodegradable packaging or none at all, these are often limited in availability and cost-prohibitive for many due to their recurring costs. Many ingredients used in antiperspirants, deodorants, and other personal care products also have environmentally damaging ingredients, such as fragrances.

For those who suffer from excessive sweating, a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis, traditional antiperspirants are generally not even enough to control the condition. Additional expenses such as special moisture-wicking clothing and padded underarm sweat-proof shirts add up, as do costs for clothing and footwear ruined by sweat and antiperspirant stains. Not only are those who sweat excessively are also more likely to to be constrained in their style choices, and have to repurchase clothing, undergarments, and footwear more frequently due to sweat leading to irreparable wear and irremovable stains and odors.

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of plastic in your daily life or looking for an alternative to traditional antiperspirant products then iontophoresis may be the treatment for you. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed in the antiperspirant aisle, or if you’re tired of ineffective antiperspirants that just leave residue and yellow marks on your clothing, then read on!

The Environmental Impact of Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Plastic and glass containers used to store antiperspirants and deodorants are generally only partially recyclable, and sometimes not at all, leading to millions of plastic tubes and containers ending up in landfills every year. Their recyclability depends on the materials used and whether recycling of these materials are offered, as the accepted recyclable materials vary from place to place, and improperly recycling materials leads to additional waste. Antiperspirants stored in metal and aluminium tubes are generally recyclable, however this type of packaging is generally reserved for aerosol deodorants, which are a known pollutant. A new study demonstrated that aerosol personal care products, particularly antiperspirants and deodorants, account for a significant amount of the smog that plagues major urban areas. In the United Kingdom, household aerosols are now known to release more volatile organic compound (VOC) air pollution than all the vehicles in the UK, and studies show it will only get increasingly worse.

For those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, the option of going for more eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives such as crystal deodorants or even packaging-free and aerosol-free deodorants, may not even be an option due to their lack of effectiveness. It’s important to remember that deodorants on their own have no anti-sweat properties, so these will not inhibit sweating, but rather just help prevent body odour. The search for a more eco-friendly antiperspirant, rather than just a deodorant, can be more tricky. It’s time to swap your monthly plastic antiperspirant tubes and aerosol cans!

What is an eco-friendly alternative to deodorants and antiperspirants?

Iontophoresis may be the best choice for the eco-conscious person who suffers from excessive sweating, as it is a one-time buy that can eliminate the recurring cost and waste associated with traditional antiperspirants.

Iontophoresis is a non-invasive (doesn’t penetrate the skin), drug-free, and needle-free way to treat hyperhidrosis. It works by directing a mild current through the skin, neutralizing the overactive signal between the nerves and sweat glands. Treatment is done with an all-in-one home-use medical device, known as an iontophoresis machine. The device is a one-time buy that can be continuously reused to maintain results. Iontophoresis technology utilizes electrical current and tap water to treat excessive sweating. Results can last up to 6 weeks at a time, meaning no need to apply any antiperspirant creams or solids, or wear any special clothing to wick sweat away or keep it at bay.

How to Choose an Iontophoresis Device That Will Last

While several iontophoresis devices are available on the market, they’re not all built the same. Selecting a modern, high-quality device with the proper certifications and warranties is crucial in ensuring your device lasts you as long as possible.

When selecting an iontophoresis device, the best option is a mains-powered device, as opposed to battery-powered devices. Battery-powered devices lead to recurring waste that needs to be specially discarded. It’s a costly and wasteful replacement that can easily be avoided by selecting an iontophoresis device that plugs into a wall outlet.

Quality is also key in selecting an iontophoresis device, as the goal is to have your device last you as long as possible. Selecting a modern high-quality iontophoresis device will not only make treatment simpler and more effective, but will reduce the likelihood of having to replace it or having faulty elements that require replacement. To help you identify a quality device, look for certifications from global health authorities, such as FDA (USA), CE (EU), Health Canada (CA), and the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (AU), as well as certifications from other health boards. Dermadry’s iontophoresis device possesses all these certifications and more!

You’ll also want to look for a device that offers a lengthy warranty (Dermadry offers a 5 year warranty) and a device whose modern exterior reflects its modern interior technology to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Other Benefits of Iontophoresis Treatment

  • An iontophoresis device is a one-time buy! By taking proper care of your device it can last you a really long time, and eliminate any time and cost expenses associated with clinic visits for hyperhidrosis treatment, and eliminate the recurring cost associated with antiperspirants and other products designed to help keep you dry.
  • Iontophoresis devices can treat the hands, feet, and underarms, which are the three zones most commonly affected by hyperhidrosis. By selecting a machine that targets all three areas, you can minimize your need for additional, different products that target the three individual zones, and swap them for an all-in-one solution!
  • Iontophoresis treatment is done at home and can adapt to your schedule and lifestyle and eliminate the need to travel for appointments and clinic visits for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.
  • You’ll be able to cut down on the amount of clothing and footwear you have to repurchase, as your sweating levels will be decreased, and you will no longer have to use antiperspirant creams and powders that can lead to accumulated residue.

Clothing and Textile Waste Due to Excessive Sweating

Aluminum-containing antiperspirants are the culprit behind yellow stains on white clothingyellow stains on white clothing, due to the aluminum mixing with your sweat, which leaves the dreaded stains behind. Sweat itself is generally odorless and colorless. Antiperspirants and deodorants can also lead to accumulated residue that is hard to remove. This, along with the general accelerated wear of clothing and footwear that is constantly exposed to sweat, lead to irreparable wear and irremovable odor and stains on clothing, which often has to be binned before their typical lifespan. If you’re more frequently going through clothing due to your sweating levels, you may, through no fault of your own, be trapped in a costly and wasteful loop of having to replace clothing and other textiles at a much faster rate. You may also have to pay a premium for specially formulated “moisture-wicking” clothing and clothing with absorbent underarm pads to absorb your sweat and prevent unsightly sweat patches. These costs and the cycle of consumption can be managed by swapping antiperspirants for iontophoresis treatment.

Iontophoresis: The "no sweat" solution

If you’re looking to make a switch to an effective solution for hyperhidrosis, and lighten up your load of personal care products, then iontophoresis may be the solution for you! It is a convenient, and compact way to treat hyperhidrosis that may help you reduce on the amount of products you use to treat sweat, and reduce clothing waste due to sweat-related staining and discolouration. Learn more about iontophoresis and if it’s the right fit for you here!

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